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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Closer Look at ‘Black Panther’

This letter to the editor discusses the movie “Black Panther” in depth. Spoilers may be revealed. Malcolm X argued that “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today.” We believe that the future, one of unity and power for[Read More…]

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LARIA & LUX: Fulfill Direct Reparations Request

Georgetown University should offer direct reparations to descendants of the 272 slaves sold in 1838 to validate the demands of African-American individuals affected by Georgetown’s legacy as a slave-holding institution. Offering reparations to the descendants could be done in conjunction with a long-lasting foundation, directly guided by the descendants and[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Form Descendant-Led Foundation

Georgetown University would have folded if not for the sale of 272 slaves in 1838. Today, the university must take extraordinary steps to grapple with its past. The university was kept financially afloat by the 1838 sale of 272 slaves by Jesuits associated with the Maryland Province. In recent years,[Read More…]

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DILLON: Musings on Reconciliation

DILLON: Musings on Reconciliation

Rereading the news headline, “Georgetown Apologizes, Renames Halls After Slaves,” I must admit that my brain felt bruised with numb surprise. The story that followed those six words shredded my view of the university with which I have had an active relationship for nearly five decades and effectively deconstructed my[Read More…]

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BOSCO: For Hoyas, the Value of Humility

BOSCO: For Hoyas, the Value of Humility

These are tough times. Still, over the course of my first year serving in the Office of Mission and Ministry, I have been struck by how important Georgetown University can be during this period of political strife in our country. As Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), one of the last living[Read More…]

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OSIBAJO & BAH: Toward Authentic Reparations

OSIBAJO & BAH: Toward Authentic Reparations

In the last several months, Georgetown has created a new chapter of its history. It is one that will acknowledge the university’s history of slavery and the descendants of the slaves who were sold by the school. As admirable as this new campaign is, it is not without flaws. Over[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Celebrating Anne Marie Becraft

Today, Georgetown dedicated Anne Marie Becraft Hall in recognition of a trailblazing free black woman who devoted her life to the education of African-Americans during the 19th century. The building was originally named McSherry Hall after former Georgetown President Fr. William McSherry, S.J., who helped organize the sale of 272[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Inclusion of Descendants Integral to Reconciliation

In the words of the report commissioned last summer by Georgetown’s Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation, “Ultimately, reconciliation requires relationship.” Since Georgetown publicly acknowledged its profit from an 1838 sale of 272 slaves to a Louisiana plantation, the university has promised to engage the descendants of the slaves[Read More…]

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University President John J. DeGioia has met with a series of descendants since this summer in an effort to reconcile Georgetown’s history with slavery.

Descendants of 272 Recruit Legal Representation

The Legacy of GU 272 Alliance, a group of descendants of the 272 slaves sold to a Louisiana plantation in 1838 whose sale benefited Georgetown, has hired lawyers to facilitate talks with Georgetown as the university looks to reconcile its slaveholding past. The group, which is made up of about[Read More…]

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A Lesson in Hope In Becraft’s Story

If you make your way up to Holy Rood Cemetery on Wisconsin Avenue and climb toward the ridge, you will see a tree stump off to your left, set back 20 yards from the path. Peering at several small gravestones closely, you can barely make out the wind- and rain-softened[Read More…]

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