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Shakespeare Theatre Company

Theater Review: ‘Twelfth Night’

Set in a modern airport terminal, the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s performance of the romantic comedy “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare takes the audience on a fantastical flight, encouraging them to leave their worries behind and travel with the actors to the faraway world of Illyria. Full of fools, mayhem and[Read More…]


GU’s Theater and Performance Studies Program Presents ‘Caesar’

“How many ages hence / shall this our lofty scene be acted over / in states unborn and accents yet unknown!” Cassius asks as he and his co-conspirators wash their hands in Caesar’s blood. The line is one of Shakespeare’s most prescient — spoken by a character in ancient Rome,[Read More…]


‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at Folger Theatre

The Folger Shakespeare Library is the perfect place to learn about William Shakespeare or see a traditional Shakespearean play. Its extensive collection of works and rotating exhibits immerses guests in all things Shakespeare. Kicking off its 2017-18 season, the Folger Theatre presents its first fall production, Shakespeare’s epic tragedy “Antony[Read More…]

Theater Review: ‘As You Like It’

Theater Review: ‘As You Like It’

Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch, the Folger Theatre’s edgy rendition of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” draws the audience out of its seats and into the mysterious Forest of Arden — a place where lovers, fools and refugees gather to escape the cruel and unwelcoming world that awaits them. Full[Read More…]

Vanessa Chapoy (COL ’18) and Daniel Frumento (COL ’18) in Mask and Bauble’s “Into the Woods.”

All the World’s a Stage

With a number of dynamic and moving performances that are sure to evoke the deepest of emotions, performing arts groups at Georgetown are showcasing some of their best this week. From Mask and Bauble’s fantasy musical “Into The Woods” to the Rev. Khristi Adams’ enlightening “God and Country” to the[Read More…]

The Wimphood of the Consulting World

It seems my roommates and most of my friends have begun applying for consulting internships this summer. This is a holy rite of passage for Georgetown juniors. I spent the last three weeks biting my fingernails because I hadn’t applied to anything, until last night, when I applied to Accenture’s[Read More…]

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Theater Review: ‘Julius Caesar’

Theater Review: ‘Julius Caesar’

A maddened woman on the verge of tears speaks out from the front left corner of the stage. Her pleading words drift over the audience, while behind her several men pose still as statues halfway up a large gray staircase. A drum beats, and the men take another step upward[Read More…]

Corrupt to the Core

Corrupt to the Core

There’s something perversely appropriate about performing “Richard III” — one of William Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most political plays — just a block from the Capitol Building. Shakespeare’s Richard, a devious, evil, masterful politician, would certainly give the men and women of the Hill a run for their money. “Richard III,”[Read More…]

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Imaginative Snippets Go Back in Time

At the Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival, audiences will be reminded that old-fashioned theatre is anything but stale. This annual event run, by the Mask & Bauble Society, showcases fresh talent in the Georgetown community and gives actors, playwrights and directors the opportunity to hone their skills in front[Read More…]

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SCHALL: Books a Gateway to Truth

A professor who has been many years at a school is often asked by visitors: “Do you notice any difference between current students and those from previous decades?” I always answer that question pretty much the same way: “Look, all the students I ever have are around 20 years old.[Read More…]

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