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A Better Program

Starting relatively small, The Alternative Spring Break Program, recently renamed the Alternative Breaks Program is set to debut several non-spring break programs this year, advertising trips to explore “the cross-section of social entrepreneurship and the criminal justice system,” and their effect on communities. For students that are not accepted to[Read More…]

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Julia Hennrikus

Greek Life’s Place Among Service Groups

Hundreds of students will gather on campus this Friday to raise awareness about domestic violence and support local survivors of abuse. When they do, they’ll be expressing an important part of what it means to be members of the Georgetown community — to be women and men for others. Most[Read More…]

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DEARING & WEISS: Selfless Acts Have the Power to Unite

Georgetown students are selfish. Every single one of us was admitted to this school by demonstrating our worth above thousands of other applicants — a process that is repeated similarly in clubs, classes and job searches. Our circumstances push us toward constant competition. This culture, however, begins the trek to[Read More…]

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DIRAGO: Exclusion Has No Place in Service

DIRAGO: Exclusion Has No Place in Service

Two recent opinion pieces in The Hoya, “Return to Christianity as the Root of Charity” (A3, Oct. 21, 2013) and “Bridging Divides in Service” (A2, Oct. 29, 2013), addressed divisions between student organizations that pursue social justice, particularly groups within the Center for Social Justice and traditional Catholic organizations. While[Read More…]

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CARNES: Carroll Calls on Us to Gaze Past the Gate

CARNES: Carroll Calls on Us to Gaze Past the Gate

I have never sat on John Carroll’s lap. In fact, I’ve never even been tempted to try. But each time I cross Healy Lawn, I find my eyes drawn to that iconic statue that welcomes each person to the Hilltop. Over my four years as a professor here, I’ve come[Read More…]

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Workshop Promotes Innovation

To preview the Center for Social Impact and Innovation, which is set to launch in the spring, students and alumni gathered Friday afternoon to stimulate creative problem-solving and generate innovative ideas about social change. The workshop, “Ignite Georgetown,” was held in the Rafik B. Hariri Building as part of Homecoming’s Alumni College Day. Representatives[Read More…]

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Event Merges Faith, Service

Event Merges Faith, Service

Over 400 people from more than 130 colleges convened in Gaston Hall on Monday and Tuesday for the president’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, held at Georgetown for the first time this year. The national conference’s large events were accompanied by breakout sessions and faculty and student panels. Senior[Read More…]

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DEARING & WEISS: Men and Women With a Goal of Service

DEARING & WEISS: Men and Women With a Goal of Service

In April 2011, Fr. Ryan Maher, S.J., spoke during GAAP weekend to the future Class of 2015. Rather than stressing Georgetown’s pre-professional connections, prime urban location or beautiful campus, he explained what makes Georgetown fundamentally different. There are many other schools with similar opportunities and ways to prepare their students for success.[Read More…]

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DEARING & WEISS: A New Tradition in Schoolwide Service

DEARING & WEISS: A New Tradition in Schoolwide Service

While bemoaning the loss of our beloved mascot-in-training, J.J., we reached an interesting conclusion: Georgetown needs a new tradition. We certainly cherish the ones we’ve inherited, from the intellectual stimulation of “The Problem of God” to the frivolities of homecoming and Georgetown Day, but these moments are rare, and few[Read More…]

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Putting the Service in IRS

With the weather finally warming up and Georgetown Day right around the corner, it’s easy to forget that April is not only the season of spring but also the season of taxes. A responsibility shouldered by many adults and families, filing income taxes can be a difficult task. With the[Read More…]

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