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HARDING: The 40 Percent

HARDING: The 40 Percent

When I first came to Georgetown, I had no clue what consulting was. I suspect many others were unfamiliar with the term as well. Still, with its prevalence at Georgetown, it did not take long for any of us to figure it out. Three years later, I still struggle to[Read More…]

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The Best Plan is No Plan

We both received a jarring email in our inboxes recently: A reminder from the deans’ office to begin steps for registration for Fall 2015. After getting over the initial shock (and frankly, insult) of the reality of not being around to register for another semester of classes, we began reflecting.[Read More…]

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CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: Lessons from the Edge of a Cliff

CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: Lessons from the Edge of a Cliff

Full disclosure: we cried on Jan. 7. We cried in part because we cry fairly often and were overdue, but mostly because we know that Wednesday, Jan. 7 was our last first day of class. The ritual established for us in August of 1998 has now come to an end.[Read More…]

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CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: The Shared Cluelessness Of Freshmen and Seniors

CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: The Shared Cluelessness Of Freshmen and Seniors

Far better than the return of professional football, the biggest buzz on campus right now is indisputably the arrival of a new freshman class. Somewhat dazed and more than confused, freshmen find poorly advised young love at Club Lau and forge new friendships, while female freshmen blunder out of men’s[Read More…]

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Finding New Firsts in Our Final Year

‘It’s so weird. I keep looking around, and there are so many people I don’t recognize here!” I must have heard that statement at least five times at the Dis-Orientation toga party in Leo’s last Friday night. Georgetown’s student body is medium in size, so by senior year, many of[Read More…]

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Snape Doesn’t Deserve Your Sympathy

This is my penultimate column, which feels weird. But since it is my senior year and the end is nigh, it’s time to talk about my biggest pop culture pet peeve: Severus Snape and the people who love him. This is a rant I’ve been sitting on for almost seven[Read More…]

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CARLSON: Graduating Without Romantics

CARLSON: Graduating Without Romantics

This is an awkward time of the year for us seniors. We are standing in the middle ground between graduating and being regular students. The 99 Days tradition at The Tombs serves as a consistent reminder of how many days are left before graduation (59 as of today). We know[Read More…]

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Normal is Boring: Set Your Inner Weirdo Free

When starting off in a new place full of strange people, nobody ever wants to be the weird one. But over the last few years, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that being a total and complete weirdo is wholly underrated. When I first arrived at Georgetown,[Read More…]

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Ringing in Senior Year With Anxiety and Flair

Senior year: the last hurrah of the college experience, the time to enjoy one last year with those friends you’ve called family for the past three and, of course, the time to figure out what you’re going to do with your life — or, in my case, at least start[Read More…]

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O’Brien: To Err Is Only Human

Every Wednesday evening, I join a group of seniors for dinner and conversation about life before, during and after Georgetown. Senior year, with all of its transitions, is a natural time for such deep, reflective conversations. Thus far, our topics have ranged from faith to dating, from regrets to family.[Read More…]

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