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RIOS: Seeking Out Your Own Self-Care

RIOS: Seeking Out Your Own Self-Care

Content warning: This article discusses depression and suicide. Please refer to the end of the article for resources on campus. All of us experience difficult times in our lives — more than once. When they occur, our general instinct is to bottle them up, to pretend that life is as[Read More…]

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RIOS: Letting Others In

RIOS: Letting Others In

Each of us can have an immense influence on the self-care of those around us. We should always be cognizant of how we can help lift people up, allowing them to realize their true self-worth. Along the same lines, we should let others help us when we feel vulnerable. By[Read More…]

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RIOS: Taking the ‘W’

RIOS: Taking the ‘W’

Before transferring to Georgetown, I viewed a withdrawal on a transcript as a poorly disguised bad grade, a symbol of weakness. Yet my time at Georgetown has taught me that a “W” means something quite different. To me, a “W” can represent one’s ability to prioritize mental well-being over academic[Read More…]

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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

Self-Care As An Act Of Resistance

Almost half my time at Georgetown has been a time of deep, resounding depression. Sophomore and junior year were some of my worst and best times at Georgetown. I have enjoyed this place, but I had given so much to people that I did not leave much for myself. An[Read More…]

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End The Stigma, Start The Dialogue

My story is all too common, but unfortunately, it is rarely discussed. In the spring of 2015, my workload was unprecedented. As a junior pre-med, I was taking physics, biochemistry, Spanish and philosophy, conducting lab research and studying for the MCAT. I was overwhelmed, stressed and slipping back into a[Read More…]

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Reclaim Your Nature

November can be a daunting month. Largely free of exams and punctuated by a sorely-needed Thanksgiving break, the month seems relaxing and refreshing. But as seasoned Hoyas know, the halcyon weeks whiz by, Thanksgiving dinner wraps up and students are packed on Lau 3 reviewing slides for that dreaded “Econometrics”[Read More…]

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