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OSMAN: Moving Toward Secularism

OSMAN: Moving Toward Secularism

The Puritans came to the United States to practice their religion free from the bounds of the Roman Catholic Church. Faith was so important to communities in those days that people were willing to travel halfway across the world to keep their faith intact. In recent years, however, Americans seem[Read More…]

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Francois Valentin

VALENTIN: Veiling Dialogue and Discourse

It has been more than a month since the heat of the burkini controversy in France dissipated; A few weeks after a deadly Jihadist attack in Nice, dozens of coastal towns in the south and north of France decided to ban the burkini, a contraction of a burqa and a[Read More…]

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GAVIN & HONJIYO: New Pope Must Lead Church to Reform

The Catholic Church is currently at one of the more important stages in its leadership cycle: The transition from one pope to another. Just a few weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be stepping down from the Papacy and retiring to a monastery to focus more on[Read More…]

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