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Escape the Summer Heat With These 4 Drink Spots

For the fierce coffee fiend: Tryst Coffeehouse Find seasonal blends crafted to perfection and enjoy an intense cup of joe in the cozy atmosphere of Tryst. Do not be fooled by the homey interior; Tryst is an edgy, back-to-basics cafe without the Starbucks-style sugary creations that cover up the coffee’s[Read More…]

TABLE FOR TWO: Why DC Restaurant Week Is a Sham

TABLE FOR TWO: Why DC Restaurant Week Is a Sham

“Value” is a word seldom found in the Washington, D.C. diner’s vocabulary — it is rare to find a restaurant that satisfies both the palate and the wallet. In light of these unfortunate circumstances, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington organizes a semi-annual Restaurant Week, with prix-fixe lunches and dinners[Read More…]


Being a Conscious Consumer in the District

In our hectic daily lives as Georgetown students, we can easily forget that we are also consumers — where we choose to spend our money matters. Our purchases at certain stores and restaurants not only support those establishments but their practices as well. Washington, D.C. is full of restaurants and[Read More…]

Summertime in DC

Summertime in DC

Museums and Exhibits Across the District Concerts and Festivals: Editor’s Picks A Breath of Fresh Air: Nature Near D.C. FILM Upcoming Movie Releases Best Summer Movies Movies Turning 10! FOOD Tastes of the World: International Cuisines in D.C. Hottest D.C. Summer Eats MUSIC Recent Album Releases Upcoming Releases guide’s Summer[Read More…]

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BAKE MY DAY: Don’t Kale My Vibe

BAKE MY DAY: Don’t Kale My Vibe

Kale has a variety of different uses beyond the simple salad. In fact, this leafy green exists in such abundance in Washington, D.C. that a kale diet is possible anywhere in the city. This week, I am featuring my seven-day “complete kale cleanse.” For those worried about the variety of[Read More…]

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Elevate’s off-campus meal provides Georgetown students an alternative to current campus dining plans offered by the university.

Off-Campus Meal Plan Launches

Elevate, a startup founded by two graduates from the University of Virginia, is offering an alternative meal plan that allows students to receive meals from a variety of restaurants off-campus the at the start of this spring semester. UVA graduates Josh Cohen and Seth Kramer founded Elevate during their time[Read More…]

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Best Restaurants in Georgetown and DC

QUICK MEALS IN GEORGETOWN If you are in a rush or just want a quick bite, there are quite a few fast, casual spots not too far from campus. Wisemiller’s Grocery & Deli – better known as Wisey’s – is a favorite among students. Classic sandwiches include the Chicken Madness[Read More…]

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Ali Rehman The hoya 
Leaders from  four D.C. restaurants sat on a panel in Fisher Colloquium on Wednesday  to share their experiences of working in the restaurant industry.

Restauranteurs Share Expertise

Industry leaders from four casual D.C. restaurants sat on a panel in Fisher Colloquium, a lecture hall in the Rafik B. Hariri Building, last Wednesday to share their experiences working for the hospitality, customer service and restaurant industries. The event, titled “The ‘Four Fathers’ of Casual Dining,” was hosted by[Read More…]

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In July 2014, BlueCart co-founders, Jagmohan Bansal (GRD ’11) and Konstantin Zvereff (GRD ’11) launched an app that allows restaurants and vendors to place and manage orders more efficiently.

Startup Transforms Restaurant-Vendor Interactions

Two Georgetown University alumni have created a free online and mobile app called BlueCart that aims to revolutionize the way that restaurants and vendors interact. Jagmohan Bansal (GRD ’11) and Konstantin Zvereff (GRD ’11) launched BlueCart in July 2014to make interactions between suppliers and restaurants more efficient by helping restaurants[Read More…]

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Spotluck co-founders Cherian Thomas (GRD ’14) and Brad Sayler hope to promote business at  local restaurants by offering discounts to customers based on a special algorithm that changes based on demand.

Startup Offers New Way to Dine Locally

When Jack Segelstein (COL ’18) goes out to eat with friends in Georgetown, his group sometimes encounters a dilemma. “A lot of the time we just can’t agree on what we want to eat,” Segelstein said. To help solve this problem, Cherian Thomas (GRD ’14) and Brad Sayler created Spotluck,[Read More…]

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