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Study Analyzes NFL Diversity

A new study published and co-authored by Chris Rider, assistant professor of strategy at the McDonough School of Business, found that racial diversity is drastically lacking among National Football League head coaches. The new research found that white coaches are more than twice as likely to get promoted to head[Read More…]

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No to Divestment and Meaningless Solutions

Climate change is a real problem. Most people underestimate the consequences if human contributions are left unaddressed over the coming decades, but divestment is the wrong solution. Advocates typically argue that endowment investments financially support companies emitting carbon into the atmosphere. But what does “financial support” mean in this context?[Read More…]

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MEYERTHOLEN: Scientific Literacy: Left Out Liberal Art

MEYERTHOLEN: Scientific Literacy: Left Out Liberal Art

A few years ago, the Harvard Gazette published an article called “Way to Delay Huntington’s Disease Found.” These words would be music to the ears of families that endure the hardships of Huntington’s disease, a devastating neurological disease that currently has no effective treatment. The article featured the landmark work[Read More…]

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Researchers Daniel Shore of Georgetown University and Chris Warren of Carnegie Mellon University mapped more than 88 million relationships of England’s leading historical figures on an interactive website.

Study Maps 88 Million Historical Relationships

According to legend, Isaac Newton emerged as a colossus in modern physics in 1666 after a legendary bonk to the head by a falling apple triggered his Universal Law of Gravitation. John Milton penned his epic poem “Paradise Lost” less than a year later. Though they occupied radically different intellectual[Read More…]

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GUMC Research Leads to Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

GUMC Research Leads to Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

Georgetown University Medical Center Memory Disorders Program Director Scott Turner worked as the principal investigator in the largest ever nationwide clinical trial of an Alzheimer’s disease drug called Resveratrol. Turner’s research found that a biomarker involved in the progression of the disease stabilized when patients received a purified form of[Read More…]

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New Med School Tracks Focus on Literature, Population Health

To provide increasingly specialized experiences for its students, the Georgetown University School of Medicine is adding two new tracks focusing on population health and literature to its curriculum in the upcoming academic year. Specialized tracks allow students the option of focusing on a particular field, eventually leading to a certificate[Read More…]

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Hookup Culture Criticized

Dr. Donna Freitas (COL ’94) spoke about the current hookup culture and how it shapes the national conversation about sexual assaults on college campuses in an event titled “Blurred Lines: Sexual Assault and the Hookup Culture” Tuesday in White Gravenor Hall. The event was co-sponsored by Love Saxa, the Office[Read More…]

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Exchange Evolves in 4th Year

The Fourth Annual Walsh Exchange, one of the only undergraduate international relations research conferences in the country, will be held at Georgetown and various locations around D.C. the weekend of April 10-12. The conference will feature a keynote address from World Bank Managing Director and CFO Bertrand Badre. The conference[Read More…]

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Provost Supports Research

The Office of the Provost announced on Feb. 18 a pilot program that serves to allocate funds to undergraduate students of all four Georgetown schools with the purpose of expanding research efforts through conference presentations, publications or performances. The Provost Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards will provide up to $500 to[Read More…]

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Pilot Study Addresses Past Research Wrongs

National Center for Cultural Competence Director Tawara Goode conducted a pilot study earlier this year exploring the impact of “Truth and Reconciliation” community forums on overcoming barriers to racial and ethnic participation in the health care system. The study also noted ways to restore trust in the research community after[Read More…]

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