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H*yas for Choice President Angela Maske (NHS ’19) visits Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) (CAS ’80) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to express concerns over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

HFC President Urges Senators to Block SCOTUS Nominee

H*yas for Choice President Angela Maske (NHS ’19) is publicly pressing Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) (CAS ’80) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) in a push to stop Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation by visiting the senators’ offices multiple times a week. Brett Kavanaugh, United States Circuit Judge of the United[Read More…]

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Republican tax bills in the House and Senate could threaten the affordability of higher education, said University President John J. DeGioia in a campuswide email.

DeGioia Raises Concerns About Republican Tax Bills

University President John J. DeGioia raised objections to two Republican tax reform proposals in the House and Senate, writing in a Nov. 21 email to the community that provisions of the bills “reduce the affordability of higher education.” “We strongly object to any provisions that limit our ability to support[Read More…]

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Bipartisan Student Groups Praise Clinton Despite Contentious Past

The Institute of Politics and Public Service’s celebration of the political legacy of former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) received generally positive bipartisan feedback from student leaders, despite the symposium’s lack of critical policy analysis and scrutiny of the former president’s alleged sexual misconduct. In a keynote speech Monday to[Read More…]

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Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney (SFS '89) promoted President Donald Trump's tax reform plan.

Mulvaney Defends Trump Tax Reform Plan

President Donald Trump’s recently proposed tax reform will stimulate the economy by simplifying the tax code, said Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney (SFS ’89),Wednesday. Mulvaney highlighted two pillars of the plan: reducing taxes for corporations and the middle class. “At the end of the process,[Read More…]

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MESA & BENNETT: Rooting for an Underdog Upset

MESA & BENNETT: Rooting for an Underdog Upset

In March of 2013, a little-known school by the name of Wichita State University made a historic run in the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Entering as a No. 9 seed team, the Shockers triumphed over No. 8 seed Pittsburgh, No. 1 seed Gonzaga, No. 13 seed La Salle and[Read More…]

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Politicians Should Debate the Deficit

I just survived — barely — an interview for a student organization at Georgetown. On the bright side, I didn’t have to channel my innerRick Perry by uttering “oops” after a monumental brain freeze. I never said I saw a UFO as Dennis Kucinich did in the 2007 Democratic presidential[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Mind the Trump Bump

NGUYEN: Mind the Trump Bump

Ever since the fateful day when Donald Trump took the lead in the Republican presidential polls, it has seemed as though every major news network cannot go a day without feigning bewilderment at that fact. I say “feigning” because the media are largely responsible for Trump’s polling success, more so[Read More…]

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy April 12.

As 2016 Campaigning Begins, Students Support Candidates

Along with the recent announcements of several 2016 presidential campaigns, Georgetown students with experience working with both Democratic and Republican candidates have expressed optimism about the future of the race. Jenna Galper (COL ’17) previously worked with the Ready for Hillary political action committee, and expressed excitement about Clinton’s campaign,[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

With GOP Resurgence, A More Adaptive Party

If you were among those double-checking that your midterm was going to be graded on a curve, you’re most likely one of two things: an orgo student or a Republican. For those of you who somehow haven’t heard the results: Not only did the GOP win majority in both the[Read More…]

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The Ballad of Alison Lundergan Grimes

The 2014 United States Senate campaign season is drawing to a close. Doors have been knocked, homes have been called, debates have been scored and the polls are all over the place. The same candidate is being thoroughly trumped in some polls and resting on a comfortable lead in others.[Read More…]

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