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At a Crossroads

At a Crossroads

When Fr. William McFadden, S.J., came to Georgetown University in 1963, a crucifix occupied a place of honor at the front of every classroom. Before class began, students were asked to face the cross and say a simple prayer. It was a time before the Second Vatican Council modernized the Catholic Church,[Read More…]

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SCHALL: The Difficult, But Necessary Quest for Deeper Truths

In the July 2, 1751 issue of the Rambler, Samuel Johnson remarked, “Very few have abilities requisite for the discovery of abstruse truth; and of those few some want leisure and others, resolution.” When reading this passage, the word “abstruse” struck me. Its Latin origin means “to conceal.” Today, it means “difficult to comprehend[Read More…]

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‘Tis the Season, Not the Spirit on the Hilltop

I’m not feeling much of the holiday spirit this year. Sure, I’ve admired the random star on top of Healy Hall, attended an ugly Christmas sweater party or two and hung up a measly strand of Christmas lights in my room, but somehow I’m just not in the holiday mood.[Read More…]

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TOPOROFF: Prayer Services Complement Our Classroom Experiences

Two weeks ago, Campus Ministry held its first religious services open house of the year, a week in which the ministry encouraged students to observe and participate in the services of other religions. But unless you were already practicing a faith, odds are you never heard about it. I, for[Read More…]

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Students Gather to Give Early Thanks

Students Gather to Give Early Thanks

Students from a variety of religious backgrounds gathered for the Student Interfaith Council and the Office of Campus Ministry’s annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service in McShain Lounge Tuesday night. Jordan Denari (SFS ’13), president of the council, and Lisa Pannucci, interreligious coordinator, organized the event, which aimed to recognize the[Read More…]

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Chaplains Connect With Students

Chaplains Connect With Students

It is midnight on the third floor of Darnall, and a small group of freshmen are chatting as they watch TV and plug away at their homework. As a Catholic priest strolls in with a plate of freshly baked treats, a student yells down the hall,”Fr. McManus has cookies!” and more[Read More…]

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Coulter’s Words Defy Georgetown Values

After signing up for the Lecture Fund email list my freshman year, I have been to and seen plenty of exciting and informative events and speakers. While serving as a Georgetown University Student Association senator this past year, I admired the Lecture Fund’s ingenuity and the diverse range of guests[Read More…]

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Arab Comedian Calls for Peace

Combining comedy with social commentary, award-winning Arab-American comedian Dean Obeidallah spoke Friday about his mission to counter stereotypes with humor Friday. “In America, we have a great tradition of using comedy to raise social and political issues,” he said. Half-Palestinian, half-Sicilian and New Jersey-raised, Obeidallah has an unconventional background. He[Read More…]

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A Decade’s Worth of Apologies

I was born a Bible-wielding southerner in Lawrenceville, Ga. and groomed by a family so Protestant that even my Catholic friends were foreigners. Most of my classmates had last names like “Jones” or “Smith.” Everyone I knew went to church on Sunday morning. But in 2001, my father got a work transfer[Read More…]

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Georgetown professor John Esposito was recently elected vice president of the American Academy of Religion, Georgetown announced on Oct. 20. Esposito, a professor of religion and international affairs and of Islamic Studies in the School of Foreign Service and founding director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian[Read More…]

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