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VIEWPOINT: Responsible News Consumption

The Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job, 250,000 Syrian refugees are currently being housed on the Navajo Indian Reservation and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton organized a hit on an FBI agent who was investigating her. According to my Facebook news feed, all of this — and more[Read More…]

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During "The Regulatory and Policy Enivronment" segment, attendees received literature that included information on adaptation in regulation.

Regulators Tackle New Digital Markets

Regulators must adapt to new financial technologies, federal experts said during a panel segment of the annual “Financial Markets Quality” conference co-hosted Wednesday by the McDonough School of Business’ Center for Financial Markets and Policy and the Financial Times. About 60 people attended the segment, titled “The Regulatory Policy Environment,”[Read More…]

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FDA to Fund Drug Research Center at GU

The Food and Drug Administration awarded  a $1 million grant to fund the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation at the Georgetown University Medical Center. “CERSI is vitally important because sound regulation requires the highest levels of science and evidence,” said Lawrence Gostin, co-principal investigator for the[Read More…]

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D.C. Regulations Limit Competition

During a run to the National Mall last week, I caught sight of Segs in the City, a company that offers those Segway tours everyone in D.C. likes to sneer at. Yes, Segways are awkward, silly and a slight disgrace to humanity, but Segs in the City holds a special[Read More…]

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Businesses Seek to Regulate Food Trucks

As food trucks become a common sight on D.C. streets, several established restaurants have lobbied the D.C. Council to create laws regulating when and where the trucks can operate. The laws, which the D.C. Council will vote on in a few weeks, would be the first of their kind in[Read More…]

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