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Yik Yak App Spurs Unease on University Campuses

The rise of social messaging application Yik Yak on college campuses around the country has sparked concerns over cyberbullying, racism and sexual harassment. Yik Yak is an anonymous forum that allows posts of 200 characters or fewer to be viewed by anyone within a two-mile radius. Users respond by “upvoting”[Read More…]

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The Inescapability of Race in Today’s World

The Inescapability of Race in Today’s World

“Only racist when I’m at Walmart.” “So, could you rap for us?” “Mexican men tend to frighten me.” “No, I’m not on a scholarship.” “But I voted for Barack Obama.” “I feel uncomfortable with you here.” “People, this isn’t your grandfather’s racism.” Four years ago, Michelle Norris founded “The Race[Read More…]

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MAJD: Levenson Leaves Hawks

When news hit that a racially insensitive email from the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks led to the sale of his shares, it was only natural that comparisons to former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would ensue. But the circumstances surrounding Bruce Levenson’s exit are extremely different both[Read More…]

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#BBGU Prompts Discussion

“Having an academic advisor who acts really surprised when you excel in your classes.” “When everyone looks at you when the word ‘slavery’ is brought up in discussion.” “No black hairdressers on this side of town. So you have to trek 30-plus minutes.” “Having to defend why I am part[Read More…]

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By Any Other Name

As the last burgundy and gold leaves cling desperately to the treetops of the nation’s capital, and D.C. residents watch the sun set on another Indian summer, the city’s NFL team finds itself, once again, mired in irrelevance. Washington is the owner of a 3-7 record and the fourth-place spot[Read More…]

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DC Football Team Needs Name Change

For all the talk on campus and around the country about racial tolerance, diversity and acceptance, Washington, D.C.’s most famous team continues to represent the progress still needed on racial issues in America today. The Washington Redskins have been a fixture in the D.C. sports scene for over 80 years,[Read More…]

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Recognizing Roots of Racism

Recognizing Roots of Racism

Despite the best efforts of both student and administrators to institutionalize diversity education at Georgetown, instances of anonymously posted racial bigotry have made it extraordinarily clear that current efforts have been ineffective in ensuring that all members of the student body understand and appreciate the value of diversity. The most[Read More…]

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BLANK: US Laws and Media Obscure Racist Realities

What do the mysterious death of a soldier in Iraq, the death of a teen in Florida, the controversy surrounding a class at Georgetown last fall, the war on drugs and voter ID laws all have in common? The answer is stealth racism. That is, racism that is not overt,[Read More…]

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Possible Noose Found Beneath Healy Hall

University employees discovered a possible noose hanging in a locked utility area in the sub-basement of Healy Hall earlier this week, according to a message sent to the campus community by Vice President for University Safety Rocco Del Monaco and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson on Thursday evening.[Read More…]

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Tea Party Disguises Racial Undertones

Shortly before the House of Representatives passed a drastic overhaul of our health care system, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats walked arm-in-arm through an angry mob of protesters that converged on the National Mall. As the Speaker clenched the arm of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) – who organized the[Read More…]

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