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QUALLEN: Catholic Identity Combats Klan Racism

QUALLEN: Catholic Identity Combats Klan Racism

Find a copy of 1921’s yearbook. Open it to page 171. Here’s what you’ll see: around a dozen young men in daHoyark suits. Their ties spill out of their vests and coiffed white collars top the ensemble. Look up. A banner blares: Georgetown University. Look down. There’s the caption: Ku[Read More…]

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The Life of Pebbles

In the coming months, the university will open a campus-wide dialogue on its relationship with racism and slavery, which reached its nadir in 1838 when Fr. Thomas Mulledy, S.J., and the Maryland Jesuits sold 272 slaves to a Louisiana planter. Some might assume that Georgetown’s racial transformation took place in[Read More…]

Is This What Racism Feels Like?

Is This What Racism Feels Like?

“Do you not see? Can you not see this small child? Are your eyes too small?” This stranger’s words hit me like the bus I just walked onto. Like a deer in headlights, I just stood there. Shocked and unsure of what to call this interaction, I just stood there.[Read More…]

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Teach Diversity Now

In the days that followed the publication of a cartoon in the Georgetown Voice depicting then-GUSA presidential candidate Chris Wadibia (COL ’16) being beaten by other candidates, sudents filled St. William’s Chapel at a town hall organized by the Black Leadership Forum this past Sunday. There, students testified to their[Read More…]

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Naming the Fire that Defines Me

Naming the Fire that Defines Me

The first time I ever had to speak as the voice of my entire race, I was four. It was during a kindergarten lesson about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lucas, a fellow classmate and fashion victim of the classic ’90s DIY mushroom cut, however, was not down for the[Read More…]

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A Dream Deferred

A mere three miles away from our front gates, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to give a speech that would become one of the defining moments of the Civil Rights Movement. “I have a dream…” Isn’t that right? But when did the[Read More…]

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Yik Yak App Spurs Unease on University Campuses

The rise of social messaging application Yik Yak on college campuses around the country has sparked concerns over cyberbullying, racism and sexual harassment. Yik Yak is an anonymous forum that allows posts of 200 characters or fewer to be viewed by anyone within a two-mile radius. Users respond by “upvoting”[Read More…]

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The Inescapability of Race in Today’s World

The Inescapability of Race in Today’s World

“Only racist when I’m at Walmart.” “So, could you rap for us?” “Mexican men tend to frighten me.” “No, I’m not on a scholarship.” “But I voted for Barack Obama.” “I feel uncomfortable with you here.” “People, this isn’t your grandfather’s racism.” Four years ago, Michelle Norris founded “The Race[Read More…]

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MAJD: Levenson Leaves Hawks

When news hit that a racially insensitive email from the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks led to the sale of his shares, it was only natural that comparisons to former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would ensue. But the circumstances surrounding Bruce Levenson’s exit are extremely different both[Read More…]

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#BBGU Prompts Discussion

“Having an academic advisor who acts really surprised when you excel in your classes.” “When everyone looks at you when the word ‘slavery’ is brought up in discussion.” “No black hairdressers on this side of town. So you have to trek 30-plus minutes.” “Having to defend why I am part[Read More…]

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