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VIEWPOINT: Dear White Men of Georgetown

During my freshman proseminar, I sat back in my chair and swallowed my tongue as I listened to several white male classmates haughtily speak for my entire race as if I were not even in the room. We were discussing the experiences of racial minorities in the United States. My[Read More…]

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RICHARD & WOODRUFF: Unity After #MeToo Breakthrough

Amid the nationwide push to address sexual assault, women everywhere are joining together to say #MeToo. From touching personal narratives to the “black carpet” at this year’s Golden Globe awards, women are emerging from socially constructed shadows of taboo and shame to speak about their experiences as survivors of sexual[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Closer Look at ‘Black Panther’

This letter to the editor discusses the movie “Black Panther” in depth. Spoilers may be revealed. Malcolm X argued that “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today.” We believe that the future, one of unity and power for[Read More…]

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Blame Game: When Club Members Misbehave, Who Is Responsible?

A racist incident at nearby The George Washington University has spurred conversations on Georgetown University’s campus about how clubs should be accountable for their members’ behavior. Unlike universities such as GWU, where organizations can face repercussions for the misconduct of individual members, Georgetown’s policies under the Student Activities Commission generally preclude[Read More…]

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ADJROUD: Crafting the Perfect Couscous

ADJROUD: Crafting the Perfect Couscous

I poured water over the finely rolled balls of crushed semolina flour and ran my fingers through the coarse, dry mixture, attempting to start the rehydration process. It was a balancing act: Too little water, and the couscous would come out dry; too much water and it would stick together[Read More…]

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Interreligious Dialogue Key After Charlottesville, Religious Leaders Say

Open dialogue and intercultural engagement can mend social flaws exposed by last month’s events in Charlottesville, Va., argued campus religious leaders at a series of panels hosted in Gaston Hall on Tuesday. Charlottesville was the scene of violent confrontations early August, where a planned white nationalist rally opposing the removal[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Entitled to Existence

“How dare you stand here and sully this campus knowing what you people have done?” “Don’t you think we would all be better off if you people went back home?” Last week, a woman visiting campus stopped me from entering the Healey Family Student Center and repeatedly told me to[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Barriers to Representation

For decades, politicians have bellowed that all are equal, that racial barriers are relics of the past and that anyone can be anything in the land of opportunity. The inauguration of our first black president eight years ago was a dazzling affirmation of such a promise; if there was ever[Read More…]

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OSIBAJO & BAH: One Story, One Stereotype

OSIBAJO & BAH: One Story, One Stereotype

On Jan. 5, 2017, four African-American teens in Chicago kidnapped and tortured their disabled white friend, who survived the attack. They were immediately brought into custody, charged with a hate crime and are now awaiting trial. Despite being in no way affiliated with the brutal actions of these teens, activist[Read More…]

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President of the American Public Health Association Camara Jones discussed racism in health care.

Health Disparities Examined

To ensure health equity, there needs to be a united response to the prevalence of racism in health care, according to President of the American Public Health Association Camara Jones at a talk at the Georgetown University Medical Center on Monday. According to Jones, racism has three levels — institutionalized,[Read More…]

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