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BOSCO: What Flannery O’Connor Tells Us About Race

BOSCO: What Flannery O’Connor Tells Us About Race

Each year Italy Reads, a festival in Rome for Italian high school students and teachers, reads a specific author from the United States as a way of exploring various themes and issues about the U.S. This year, I led a master class and gave a lecture on Flannery O’Connor, the[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Marshall’

★★★★☆ “Marshall” is a social commentary on segregated America in the 1940s. Set in affluent Greenwich, Conn., the story recreates the 1941 Supreme Court case Connecticut v. Spell and celebrates the legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first black justice on the court. The film begins when Eleanor Strubing, a[Read More…]

OLSON: With Simpson’s Release, Reigniting Crucial Discussions

OLSON: With Simpson’s Release, Reigniting Crucial Discussions

Nine years after being convicted for armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007, O.J. Simpson was granted parole on July 20, effective as early as October. During his stint in prison, Simpson has reportedly been a model inmate: He is courteous to his guards, helps lead a Baptist ministry group and[Read More…]

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SUMMER READING: ‘Between the World and Me’

SUMMER READING: ‘Between the World and Me’

Striking a powerful balance between conversational and cautionary, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ autobiographical book “Between the World and Me” explores the experience of being black in America, meditating on the constant frustration and fear that accompanies living in a country that consistently demonstrates a lack of racial equality. The book, a New[Read More…]

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KARNA: Deconstruct Hidden Privilege

KARNA: Deconstruct Hidden Privilege

“Hey. I’ll pay you $2 if you can play at least one song by a black person,” my friend said to me during our shift last week, where I manage and control the auxiliary cord. I take music very seriously and curate my playlists with meticulous attention to detail and[Read More…]

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OSIBAJO & BAH: More Than a Seat at the Table

OSIBAJO & BAH: More Than a Seat at the Table

The most effective conversations on diversity and inclusion are the ones focused on solutions that take into account the nation’s history of discrimination. For this reason, conversations that have surrounded the concept of minorities having “a seat at the table” have neglected to mention that, historically, having a seat has[Read More…]

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OSIBAJO & BAH: Resist Self-Segregation

Last semester, as I looked around my dinner table at O’Donovan Hall, I found myself with a group of women who resembled me completely. For the first time, it dawned on me that there was a greater reason that led me, a black woman, to instinctively befriend other black women.[Read More…]

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GUPride has apologized for its handling of race in its club after its Mr. Georgetown candidate, fifth from right, was criticized for a spoken word poem on race he performed.

Mr. GUPride Apology Issued

Georgetown University Pride apologized on Sunday for a spoken word poem presented by Willem Miller — the group’s representative at last Friday’s Mr. Georgetown pageant — in which he described his concerns about raising a black child in this country. In a Facebook statement, the group admitted to its troubled[Read More…]

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A Lesson in Hope In Becraft’s Story

If you make your way up to Holy Rood Cemetery on Wisconsin Avenue and climb toward the ridge, you will see a tree stump off to your left, set back 20 yards from the path. Peering at several small gravestones closely, you can barely make out the wind- and rain-softened[Read More…]

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Self-Care As An Act Of Resistance

Almost half my time at Georgetown has been a time of deep, resounding depression. Sophomore and junior year were some of my worst and best times at Georgetown. I have enjoyed this place, but I had given so much to people that I did not leave much for myself. An[Read More…]

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