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GU Invests $8 Million in Tech Initiative

From the moment he arrived on the Hilltop this fall, University Provost Robert Groves has been fixated on correcting Georgetown’s technology shortcomings. Christmas came early Tuesday for Groves’ pet project — to the tune of $8 million. The university will invest this sum over the next three years in the[Read More…]

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Provost Seeks Student Input Via Committee

A new student advisory committee to the Office of the Provost will establish a forum for student representatives to communicate academic issues directly with University Provost Robert Groves. In an Oct. 24 blog post, Groves said that the committee will provide him with an understanding of student needs that he[Read More…]

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Groves Appointed Next Provost

Groves Appointed Next Provost

Robert Groves, director of the United States Census Bureau, has been selected as the university’s next executive vice president and provost. Census Bureau director since 2009, Groves previously worked as director of the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan and as a research professor at the University of[Read More…]

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Too Many Town Halls Render Input Ineffective

Trying to use a town hall meeting to talk to students about an open provost position is like trying to drive a nail with a screwdriver — no single tool is fit for every job. Many topics under discussion at this semester’s town hall meetings are important to both students[Read More…]

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University Begins Provost Search

Aiming to begin screening candidates next month, administrators have drafted a description of an ideal candidate for a new university provost and will soon hold a town hall meeting to gather student input. In a leadership statement, the committee of students, faculty and staff that is spearheading the search outlined[Read More…]

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O’Donnell Stepping Down as Provost

University Provost James O’Donnell announced today that he will leave his post at the end of the academic term to become a full-time professor in the Classics department following a sabbatical. According to the email sent by University President John J. DeGioia, a formal search for a replacement will begin[Read More…]

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Provost’s Initiative Evaluates Student Academic Experience

Likening American academia to a rusty automobile industry, government professor Mark Rom argued that University Provost James O’Donnell’s call for an academic review gives Georgetown a chance to improve by taking stock of its past highs and lows. As Georgetown prepares for its 10-year reaccreditation procedure, the Office of the[Read More…]

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Changes to Faculty Pay Plan Possible

The Office of the Provost has announced that it aims to approve the new five-year plan for faculty pay schedules and annual merit-based pay increases proposed by the Main Campus Planning Committee before Thanksgiving. A memo sent by Provost James O’Donnell to all university employees on Oct. 28 said a[Read More…]

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Provost Discusses Diversity Initiative Progress

As the administration begins to review the Diversity Initiative’s recommendations, University Provost James O’Donnell said he hopes to see changes in curriculum, faculty recruitment and admission by the middle of next year. “It has been a valuable year in which to have these conversations going on,” O’Donnell said. The initiative,[Read More…]

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Winter Behind Him, Provost Preps Initiatives

Provost James O’Donnell oversees academic policy for the six main campus schools of Georgetown. Yet around campus, he is recently known for his e-mails regarding university closings during the February “Snowmageddon.” In the interview below, O’Donnell comments on his initiatives as provost, as well as past and future closing policy.[Read More…]

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