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Inequality Displaces Black DC Residents

Inequality Displaces Black DC Residents

The black population in Washington, D.C., dipped below 50 percent for the first time in nearly 60 years due to increased gentrification, growing income inequality and an expanding education gap, trends expected to continue without government intervention, according to a Georgetown University report released Thursday morning. Requested by the D.C.[Read More…]

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DC Passes Expansive Paid Family Leave Bill

DC Passes Expansive Paid Family Leave Bill

Passing by a vote of nine to four on Dec. 20, the Washington, D.C. Council approved a new payroll tax to fund an expansive family and medical leave benefits plan for the city’s private sector employees. If the bill is signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), it moves to Congress[Read More…]

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DC Crime Bill Under Final Consideration

The Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Act — which aims to reduce crime in the District — is currently undergoing final review by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser after receiving unanimous approval from the D.C. Council in its second reading. Bowser has until March 25 to respond to and allow for the[Read More…]

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DC Council Endorses Generous Paid Family Leave

The District of Columbia Universal Paid Leave Act, which would give people working in D.C. paid leave to care for a baby or ill relative, received the endorsement of D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) on Feb. 11, a major step forward for the bill. The bill was spearheaded by[Read More…]

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The voter-approved Initiative 71, providing for the legal use of marijuana in the District of Columbia, took effect Thursday at midnight.

Midnight in DC: Cannabis Legalized

Despite displeasure from members of Congress, marijuana legalization took effect in Washington, D.C., at 12:01 a.m. Thursday. The sale of marijuana remains illegal. Having passed with 69 percent of the vote in November’s election, the measure faced a 30-day congressional review period, beginning Jan. 13. Its expiration at midnight paved[Read More…]

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Initiative 71, which passed in November with 69 percent of the vote and which legalizes marijuana, will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday after the conclusion of a 30-day congressional review period.

Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect at Midnight

Marijuana will be legal in Washington, D.C., at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow. Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed in a press conference Wednesday that the D.C. government would implement Initiative 71, which was passed in the November election with 69 percent of the vote, after the 30-day congressional review period expires at midnight.[Read More…]

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DC Records Budget Surplus

The District of Columbia ended the fiscal year with a budget surplus for the fourth consecutive time, revealing excess revenue of $203 million that sparked debates over potential uses for the money. The 2014 surplus brought the balance of the general fund — where the excess revenues are stored —[Read More…]

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DC Council Proposes Concealed Carry Permit

The D.C. Council will vote Tuesday on emergency legislation that would allow citizens of the District to carry concealed weapons in public. Announced Wednesday, the proposal came in response to the U.S. District Court ruling in Palmer v. District of Columbia, which deemed the gun regulations prohibiting D.C. citizens from[Read More…]

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Senate Holds Hearing On DC Statehood

A renewed push for statehood for the District of Columbia culminated with a U.S. Senate committee hearing Monday. Although a symbolic gesture, this hearing was the first on D.C. Statehood since 1993, offering prominent government officials the opportunity to argue for full representation and control for D.C. citizens. The Senate[Read More…]

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Councilmembers Subpoenaed

Several D.C. council members were subpoenaed last week as part of a U.S. Attorney’s Office investigation into campaign contributions by prominent D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson. Thompson, who has long been among the top political fundraisers in the District, has come under scrutiny for possibly circumventing campaign finance laws through “straw[Read More…]

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