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Over 1,300 Individuals have signed a Student Authored petition, requesting the university to rescind the degrees of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick.

Student-Led Petition Gains Traction

A petition urging Georgetown University to revoke the honorary degrees of Cardinals Theodore McCarrick and Donald Wuerl for their roles in widespread reported sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church has been signed by 1,376 individuals. McCarrick has been under fire since June, when allegations of sexual misconduct against men and[Read More…]

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Increased Hours, Limited Pay

Dean Norberto Grzywacz is in the process of implementing major changes to the work requirements for doctoral students on Georgetown’s main campus. These changes allow for an increase in the number of hours PhD students work per week without a commensurate raise in pay. They were made not only without[Read More…]

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Student Athletes Form Petition Protesting Kehoe Field Closure

Student athletes frustrated with Kehoe Field’s potential eight-to-15-year closure have created a petition urging the administration to expedite the rehabilitation process. Kehoe Field’s closure has consequently forced club sports, intramural sports and recreational activities onto one field: Cooper Field. The administration decided to close Kehoe Field on Feb. 2 because[Read More…]

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Suspended State

The revolutionary call “no taxation without representation” reverberates across Washington, D.C., centuries after it was first issued on this continent. Passionate advocates, having led the charge for statehood through decades of debate, found new voice in the “Statehood or Else” campaign, spearheaded by D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange (D-At Large, LAW ’88)[Read More…]

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A Major Necessity

Thanks to the efforts of the African American Studies Program and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity, Georgetown students may have the option to major in African American studies in the near future. The proposal has the support of many Georgetown students and boasts an intrinsic value important to any institution[Read More…]

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The Plan’s In Our Hands

The 2010 Campus Plan, drafted without student input, is widely regarded as a concession to the neighborhood. From implementing the infamous three year housing requirement to creating new dorms with the promise to further clutter an already crowded campus, the 2010 plan precipitated a number of unpopular policies that radically[Read More…]

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Joe Luther and Connor Rohan began their GUSA executive terms less than a month ago, and have since recruited a 67-person cabinet and launched a petition to encourage student involvement in the campus plan.

GUSA Executives Lay Out Plans for Youtopia

Georgetown University Student Association President Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Vice President Connor Rohan (COL ’16) began their term March 21 after winning the 2015 executive election with a satirical campaign. After less than a month on the job, the pair discussed their transition period, goals and future plans with[Read More…]

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Speak Up For Our Campus

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. This wisdom has fortunately not been lost on the Georgetown University Student Association. The body released a comprehensive campus plan report last Wednesday bearing the frank title “Let’s Not Get Screwed Again,” which provides a detailed account of the[Read More…]

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GUSA Petition Highlights Language Ph.D. Programs

In an effort to create greater transparency of instructors’ statuses as students within the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University Student Association Senator At-Large Adam Shinbrot (COL ’18) has introduced a bill that seeks to make students more aware of the doctoral candidate program in the department. The bill[Read More…]

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Lobbying for Leo’s Workers

While some students may overlook the hustle and bustle that commonly occurs at O’Donovan Hall, it is important that members of the Georgetown community show solidarity with the workers of Leo’s in their fight to re-negotiate a contract with Aramark, Georgetown’s dining services contractor. Last week, the workers organized in[Read More…]

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