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EDITORIAL: Correct Off-Campus Penalties

For Georgetown University students, living off campus is often perceived as a privilege — an honor afforded only to seniors and graduate students. Yet many of the policies imposed on off-campus students are unfairly levied and unreasonably severe. Under Georgetown’s current policy, students living off campus can face double penalties[Read More…]

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DC Ranks 4th-Most Expensive City for Renters

DC Ranks 4th-Most Expensive City for Renters

Washington, D.C., is ranked the fourth-most expensive city for renters in the United States. and sixth globally, according to a study released last month by Nested, a London-based online realtor and property research service. Nested compared the average price of renting per square foot of property across 72 cities worldwide[Read More…]

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Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Vehicle of Erratic Policing

Students who live off campus have had enough. Enough of Student Neighborhood Assistance Program intervention in the smallest of social gatherings. Enough of draconian responses to open trash can lids. Enough of arbitrary punishments often compounded by so-called “tone policing.” Although part of an off-campus community, students are not held[Read More…]

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Give Us a Voice, Not a Lollipop

Last Saturday night, I experienced something that seemed, to me, rather thought-provoking — on the corner of 36th and N streets, members of the off-campus community board were handing out lollipops to passers-by. At first, I was excited to get free candy before returning to my apartment, but when I[Read More…]

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Support, Now Sanction Free

A welcome shift came for off-campus student life in early August: the creation of the Office of Neighborhood Life. Before this year, off-campus resources and Code of Student Conduct disciplinary proceedings were both managed by the Office of Off-Campus Life. However, grouping sanctions with resources in one office intimidated students[Read More…]

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An Office for The Whole Neighborhood

This year, the University has restructured the Office of Neighborhood Life to better support students living off campus. I’d like to take this time to share how we can now better serve your needs. We have shifted our focus to become a resource for all of our neighbors — both[Read More…]

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