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Hoya House Hunters, a website that seeks to help students find off-campus housing options, launched Jan. 15.

New Website Seeks to Ease Off-Campus Housing Search

Hoya House Hunters, a website that lists information on neighborhood housing rentals, launched Jan. 15 to help undergraduate students find off-campus housing. The initiative is a joint effort between the Georgetown University Student Association and the Georgetown Student Tenant Association. It compiles information about neighborhood housing options from past tenants[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Correct Off-Campus Penalties

For Georgetown University students, living off campus is often perceived as a privilege — an honor afforded only to seniors and graduate students. Yet many of the policies imposed on off-campus students are unfairly levied and unreasonably severe. Under Georgetown’s current policy, students living off campus can face double penalties[Read More…]

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A study found Georgetown has the third highest rent for off-campus housing compared to the market-rate rent in the metropolitan area.

Georgetown Is Third Most Expensive College Town for Renters, Study Finds

Tait Ryssdal is a staff writer for The Hoya. Georgetown is the third most expensive neighborhood in the country for college students to rent off-campus housing relative to market-rate rent in the Washington, D.C. area, according to a study by HomeUnion. The average rent in the Georgetown neighborhood is $3,433[Read More…]

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A Garbage Policy

As winter gives way to spring and students living off campus begin to worry about things other than an icy sidewalk, it becomes increasingly obvious that the Office of Neighborhood Life’s neglectfully vague and unnecessarily punitive policies need a breath of fresh air. Recently, the ONL sent a reminder to[Read More…]

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Spreading Roomr’s Advice

With the recent launch of Roomr, a website that will help facilitate the process of finding off-campus housing, students can expect to make more informed housing decisions in the upcoming semesters. Roomr is a product of collaboration between the Students of Georgetown Inc., the Georgetown Student Tenant Association and the[Read More…]

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Landlords Lament Campus Plan

Landlords Lament Campus Plan

From the proposed satellite residence to the repurposing of Magis Row townhouses, Georgetown is gradually making the 2010 Campus Plan agreement come to life. One demographic seldom discussed in this shuffling, however, are those whose livelihood comes into play: local landlords. With the university’s commitment to housing 90 percent of students on campus[Read More…]

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Seniors Kicked to the Curb

As juniors moved into new housing at the start of this academic year, the weight of finding a living space for senior year was already upon them. While the university can’t be expected to provide housing next year for all of these students, it could do more to facilitate such[Read More…]

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Advocate Explains Lease Logistics

Representatives from the Office of the Tenant Advocate and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs came to campus Friday to talk with students about the logistics of renting and sub-letting. The Hoya sat down with Delores Anderson, a program support specialist who helps tenants resolve problems with landlords. Anderson[Read More…]

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Landlord Pledge Sparks Debate

Twenty-six landlords have signed the university’s landlord pledge, but according to university spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, the initiative has elicited anger from others. The document, which asks local landlords to commit to addressing issues affecting quality of life in the community and mandates that they comply with D.C. law and license[Read More…]

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Butler: University’s Threats Misinform Landlords

In early October, my landlord, an ever-helpful albeit eccentric middle-aged man, came to my house on Prospect Street. Contrary to his normally laid-back nature, he seemed frustrated and had a worried look on his face. He wasted no time getting to his point, asking my roommates and I if we[Read More…]

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