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University Reaffirms Support for Sexual Assault Survivors

Georgetown University administration reaffirmed the university’s commitment to combating incidences of sexual assault and misconduct following the Department of Education’s decision to rescind Obama-era sexual assault investigation policies in a statement Sept. 22. The department rescinded the 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter on Sexual Violence and the 2014 Questions and Answers[Read More…]

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Former Obama communications director Jen Psaki, left, and former Trump communications director, right, discuss their respective experiences in the White House.

Media Narrative Difficult to Control, Former White House Comms Directors Say

Emma Kotfica is a staff writer for The Hoya. President Donald Trump’s habit of communicating his unfiltered perspectives to the public through Twitter poses a unique challenge for the White House communications team, according to former White House Communications Director Mike Dubke. At an event hosted by the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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New Post Offers Support to Undocumented Students

The university has appointed its first full-time associate director for undocumented student services to provide support for students without documentation and coordinate legal information and resources for this community. Arelis Palacios, who currently serves as a part-time coordinator for students without documentation and senior associate director of programming and advising[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Cuba’s Best Foot Forward

VIEWPOINT: Cuba’s Best Foot Forward

Former President Barack Obama’s announcement Jan. 12 removing the longstanding “wet foot, dry foot” policy has stirred mixed emotions for thousands of Cubans and Cuban-Americans in my hometown of Miami, Fla., where the streets have only recently been swept clean following parades in light of Fidel Castro’s death. Just as[Read More…]

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Francois Valentin

VALENTIN: Necessity of Naming Our Threats

Words matter, especially when you are a president. The presidency of George W. Bush was packed with blunders and poor word choices, many of which have remained the object of ridicule long after his term. However, while leaders must understand the consequences of their phrasing, they should not be discouraged[Read More…]

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Obama Solidifies Substantial Legacy

Presidential legacy is a tricky balance of the good, the bad and the scandalous. Should we remember former president Franklin D. Roosevelt for the New Deal without recalling his policy of Japanese internment? Should the Monica Lewinsky scandal overshadow former President Bill Clinton’s economic policy, which led to a federal[Read More…]

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Doug Grant (GRD ’16) won the $10,000 first prize for the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative’s Entrepalooza competition in May for Hemeos, now in danger of falling to federal regulations.

Proposed Fed Regulations Threaten Startup

Hemeos, a student startup aimed at connecting bone marrow stem cell donors to underserved minority recipients, has been threatened in recent weeks by proposed federal regulations, which could make the company’s business model illegal. Originally founded by alumni Jon Fernandez (GRD ’16), Doug Grant (GRD ’16) and Craig Poland (GRD[Read More…]

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The Smithsonian’s Newest Crown Jewel

Behind the Washington Monument lies a 400,000-square-foot, three-tiered crown — an architectural representation of hands lifted in prayer. Flanked by its Smithsonian Institute counterparts yet standing out in stark contrast aesthetically with its bronze exterior, the National Museum of African American History and Culture became the newest addition to the[Read More…]

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GU Politics to Host Obama Series

The Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service will host National Security Advisor Susan Rice in Gaston Hall on Sept. 14 as part of the first installment in a six-part lecture series entitled “The Exit Interview,” which will focus on the legacy of President Barack Obama’s presidency. The series will[Read More…]

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Fourth and Final Nuclear Security Summit Convenes in DC

President Barack Obama hosted the fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit this past week, which lasted two days and concluded April 1 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Fifty-six countries attended the summit, which focused on how nations can prevent nuclear materials from falling into the[Read More…]

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