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EDITORIAL: Amend NSO to Calm Chaos

As newly minted Hoyas stepped onto campus a few weeks ago to begin their Georgetown careers, they were faced with a weekend of excitement, exhaustion and chaos — New Student Orientation. While NSO teaches new students valuable information about life at Georgetown, structural flaws in the four-day program’s activities reduce[Read More…]


NSO Concludes Programs Highlighting Jesuit Identity

Highlighting the role of diversity at Georgetown and emphasizing the university’s Jesuit values, New Student Orientation welcomed 1,615 students from the Class of 2021 and 208 transfer students to the Hilltop last weekend. Led by five student coordinators, 33 orientation captains and 198 orientation advisers, this year’s NSO built on[Read More…]

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Dear Georgetown Freshmen Launches

The Dear Georgetown Freshmen website – a website launched by Misty Li (MSB ’17) showcasing letters written by upperclassmen to their freshmen selves – has garnered over 17,000 views since its launch Sept. 12. The Dear Freshmen program was originally founded at the University of Pennsylvania by Lauren McCann this[Read More…]

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International Pre-O Cut

International Pre-O Cut

The Office of Global Services did not host the international pre-orientation program for the second year running, instead choosing to run the program as part of New Student Orientation in an effort to ensure that international students fully integrate into the university community. OGS is committing to the program for[Read More…]

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Deep Silence Spurs Reflection

How does the whirlwind that is New Student Orientation at Georgetown conclude? Not with cries and cheers, nor with blaring horns. Rather, it concludes in a sustained hush, in great silence. Allow me to recount NSO’s final moments in McDonough Arena this past Tuesday night. The 1,600 new members of[Read More…]

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Approximately 1600 freshmen and 200 transfer students were welcomed to Georgetown at this weekend’s New Student Orientation with an Olympics-inspried “Light Your Torch” theme.

Georgetown Welcomes Freshmen, Transfers

This year’s New Student Orientation, with its Olympics-inspired “Light Your Torch” theme, welcomed the approximately 1,600 freshmen members of the Class of 2020 and over 200 transfer students to life at Georgetown from Aug. 27 to Aug. 30. This year’s schedule retained cornerstone NSO events, including the Marino Workshop and[Read More…]

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In Search of Mentors

In Search of Mentors

It is an oft-cited truism that the most valuable learning experiences happen outside the classroom. “Mentorship” — in particular or fostering relationships that can function as academic, professional and personal resources — has become somewhat of a buzzword at Georgetown. Although there are numerous ways for students to take advantage[Read More…]

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NSO Kicks Off in DC, Qatar

NSO Kicks Off in DC, Qatar

This year’s Hollywood-themed New Student Orientation, “Hoyawood,” ran Aug. 29 to Sept. 2 with the participation of approximately 200 orientation advisors, the largest group yet. The orientation program featured a variety of activities and events designed to introduce freshmen and transfer students to life on campus, including the mandatory campus[Read More…]

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Breaking Ice And Finding Home

GAAP Weekend 2014: raining, cold, disgusting. A five-and-a-half hour car ride turned inexplicably into seven. All of the pieces for a terrible experience at Georgetown had aligned in some sort of cosmic joke. I had toured in July 2013 prior to applying; it was hot and humid, campus was deserted.[Read More…]

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The Loaded “Southern” Question

The Loaded “Southern” Question

I’m Alex and I’m from Alabama. “What’s that like?” It is a seemingly harmless, NSO-esque question that Northerners always ask whenever I reveal I’m from the South. But whenever someone tells me they’re from New Jersey, New York, or some other New England colony, I never think to ask: “What’s[Read More…]

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