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FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS Beginning with the next contract-holder, the Bureau of Prisons’ residential re-entry management center must accept all high-risk prisoners.

DC Mandates Halfway Houses Accept High-Risk Criminals

Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Hugh Hurwitz mandated that the residential re-entry management center that wins the next five-year contract from the BOP will be required to accept all high-risk prisoners, according to an Oct. 11 news release. The BOP addresses all issues related to the federal[Read More…]

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Norton to Hold Forum On Campus Assault

Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-D.C.) will be hosting a panel of officials from various universities in Washington, D.C., to address the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses at American University on Thursday, April 23, but due to a time conflict with a similar Georgetown event, no university representatives will be[Read More…]

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Assessing the DC Drive for Statehood

“No Taxation without Representation!” The very battle cry that once led our great nation, rallying for independence, is now a popular slogan among Washingtonians like me for equal representation in Congress. Sounds good, right? Well, now the slogan that so proudly stands on D.C. license plates is being misused in[Read More…]

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