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Native American Tradition Meets Modern Aesthetics in Jeffrey Gibson’s ‘DON’T MAKE ME OVER’

Native American Tradition Meets Modern Aesthetics in Jeffrey Gibson’s ‘DON’T MAKE ME OVER’

‘As cold rain drowned the streets outside with somber, gray tones, Jeffrey Gibson’s “DON’T MAKE ME OVER” infused Georgetown University’s newly built exhibition space with vibrant colors and sound. The Maria & Alberto De La Cruz Art Gallery, under construction since February 2018, made its debut this fall in the[Read More…]

The Maria & Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery's first exhibit will showcase the art of Choctaw-Cherokee Native American artist Jeffrey Gibson beginning on Sept. 27.

New Art Gallery Focused on Modern Contemporary Art Opens

The Maria & Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery opened Aug. 27 on the first floor of the Edmund A. Walsh Building, featuring a mix of Georgetown student artwork, travelling exhibitions and historical artwork from museums around the Washington, D.C area. After almost six months of construction, the gallery plans[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Hostiles’

★★★★☆ “Hostiles,” directed by Scott Cooper, is a thought-provoking and raw Western that produces a semblance of hope. Instead of glorifying the West, the film presents an accurate and hard-to-stomach depiction of life at the time. The beginning of “Hostiles” is set in New Mexico in 1892. Army Captain Joseph[Read More…]

VIEWPOINT: North Dakota Struggle Goes Unnoticed

If there are two things that do not mix, they are clean drinking water and oil pipelines — specifically, oil pipelines subject to extremely lenient environmental reviews. The construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline by Energy Transfer is the most recent form of injustice in a long and complex history[Read More…]

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The exhibit is rather text-heavy and fails to portray the battle in an interesting manner. The controversies between the inhabitants and the American Indian people are described in great detail, but do not provide the most entertaining experience.

Brutality in History

The National Museum of the American Indian’s newest feature is a travelling exhibit called “Commemorating Controversy:  The Dakota-U.S. War of 1862.” The exhibition, created by students at Gustavus Adolphus College, provides an insight to this largely ignored part of American history. The exhibition opened last week (Jan. 14) and will[Read More…]

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DC Football Team Needs Name Change

For all the talk on campus and around the country about racial tolerance, diversity and acceptance, Washington, D.C.’s most famous team continues to represent the progress still needed on racial issues in America today. The Washington Redskins have been a fixture in the D.C. sports scene for over 80 years,[Read More…]

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Museum Cafe Wows With Native American Cuisine

Museum Cafe Wows With Native American Cuisine

5/5 stars I don’t mean to diminish the educational and cultural merit of the National Museum of the American Indian, but I feel it is my duty to highlight the absolute best part of this institution: its food. Located right within the museum’s doors, the Mitsitam Cafe is a delectable surprise for[Read More…]

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Native American Students Unite for First Powwow

While Georgetown lacked a cultural outlet for Native American students before this semester, the newly formed Native American Student Council will hold its first major event — a powwow — on Copley Lawn April 28. “It helps to have a club for Native American students finally,” NASC Student of Color Alliance Representative[Read More…]

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