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EDITORIAL: Defiance in the Face of Danger

President Donald Trump’s executive order last week repudiated the core values of interfaith understanding, compassion and coexistence that ought to guide the university — and the country. The ban indefinitely suspends the resettlement of Syrian refugees and temporarily bars nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. In[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Why Muslim Americans Cannot Buy Into Identity Politics

One month ago, the worst mass shooting in the United States took the lives of 49 innocent people. I still recall my initial reaction — I hoped the shooter was not somehow connected to Islam, which is often my first thought whenever I see a headline with a phrase like[Read More…]

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Keith Ellison Discusses the Future of Politics

Keith Ellison, the Democratic representative of Minnesota’s Fifth District, chief deputy whip to the house democratic whip, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the first Muslim in Congress spoke on Feb. 11 about the problems facing America today and what Georgetown students can do to make a positive difference[Read More…]

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Around 100 students joined to mourn the deaths of three Muslim students in a shooting at UNC Chapel Hill.

Students Host Vigil to Mourn UNC Chapel Hill Shooting

Approximately one hundred students gathered at Red Square on Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil organized by the Muslim Students Association in commemoration of the deaths of three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina, who were shot at the university’s Chapel Hill campus on Tuesday over an alleged[Read More…]

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Jeff Buckley Is Not a Terrorist

On Jan. 7th, 2015, three Islamic extremists stormed the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris and carried out a planned massacre that took the lives of 12 people. Five more were slain in the ensuing manhunt following the horrific episode. The terrorist attack prompted a massive response from around the[Read More…]

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Students Continue Protests After Metro Installs Anti-Muslim Ads

After a U.S. District Judge Mary Collyer ruled that anti-jihad advertisements be immediately installed in D.C. Metro stations last Friday, Georgetown students have launched a protest against the decision. The anti-Muslim ads, which read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel.[Read More…]

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GU Explores Islamic Identity

For Mariana Hernandez (COL ’14), attending Wednesday’s Muslim Students Association’s Ask It! (Anonymously) event helped dispel the confusion she had about Islam. “I have a good friend who’s Muslim. I went to prayer with her last week and my mom kind of panicked,” Hernandez said. “I came to this meeting[Read More…]

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Park51 Imam Focuses on Cultural Perceptions

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Catholic Identity Fosters Interfaith Dialogue

Imam Yahya Hendi, Georgetown’s Muslim chaplain, speaks quietly and with care, so that his words carry a certain poignant intensity. But when he speaks about the Georgetown community’s reaction to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, he is particularly moved.   By 10:30 that morning, he said, most people had[Read More…]

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Can the U.S. Accept Islam?

During my Junior year of high school, I took time off from school for a few weeks to work on a congressional campaign in New York. It was an exciting time to be involved in the political process: After a rough history of race relations in the country, the United[Read More…]

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