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Former Ambassador Discusses Arab Uprisings

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dennis Ross spoke about the Arab Spring and its implications for the Middle East in an event sponsored by the Program for Jewish Civilization on Thursday. Ross, who has served as an advisor to Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama, joked about his bipartisan career. “I[Read More…]

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LAKHANPAL: Mid East Free Speech Still Only a Whisper

Since I started writing for The Hoya, I’ve experienced a good deal of constructive criticism from my readers. Some of the things I write are not exactly favorable to the opinions of my friends in Qatar or in the United States. At the same time, there are people who are[Read More…]

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‘Yemen’ Fishes for Praise, Needs More Bait

If I could only use one word to summarize the British romantic comedy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, it would undoubtedly be “charming.” This disclosure may seem slightly odd, considering the basic plot of the film, which involves relations with the Middle East. However, the music during the few potentially life-threatening[Read More…]

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LAKHANPAL: A Discontinued Dialogue

If the population of the Arab world were offered ballots for the 2012 U.S. presidential election, I’m pretty sure they would choose not to vote. In such a situation, the losers would be the Arab nations themselves. The problem with U.S. policy in regards to Middle Eastern affairs is its[Read More…]

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Blog Gives First Looks at Middle East

Blog Gives First Looks at Middle East

While many Georgetown students have followed the images of chanting crowds in Egypt and smoke-filled streets in Tunisia from the safety of their dorm rooms, recent grad David Dietz (COL ’10) has been witnessing them firsthand, chronicling the experiences in his new blog, “The MidEaster.” Though the blog has only[Read More…]

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Students in Middle East React to Riots Embroiling Region

The turmoil in Egypt may have hit home for the 15 Georgetown students evacuated from their Cairo study abroad program on Monday, but for others spending time in the Middle East, the threat of wholesale geopolitical change has also dominated daily life. “In every cab the radio is tuned to[Read More…]

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Rabin Legacy A Path to Peace

This Thursday marks the 15th anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, a man whose death we still pay for, and whose legacy must never be forgotten. On Nov. 4, 1995, Rabin was shot and killed as he departed from a peace rally in Tel Aviv. The[Read More…]

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American-Israeli Relationship Crucial to Peace Negotiations

The Middle East peace process has taken a variety of turns over the past two months. Americans have watched with cautious optimism as the negotiations have ebbed and flowed. Though progress this year now appears elusive, Americans should refrain from turning their backs on peace or disengaging from the Middle[Read More…]

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Saudis Aim for Arms Power Play

Sixty billion dollars, 75,000 JOBS, over 250 new aircraft; added up, it’s the largest foreign arms sale in history. Only a state such as Saudi Arabia could afford the massive price tag. But what is the reason for the Saudi purchase? The answer and the reason why Congress will almost[Read More…]

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A Different Kind of Victory in Iraq

Victory. I read the word recently. It’s such a triumphant word. It looks a little wimpy there at the top of the page without an exclamation point, actually. It looked especially weak when I read it, because it was followed by “. in Iraq.” Victory in Iraq? The combat phase[Read More…]

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