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A New Form of Gender Inequality

Rabat, Morocco — Picture this: rows of tables line the cafe’s outer wall, and wooden chairs face out onto the street. On any given weekday, dozens of men can be found seated comfortably outside, sipping on their espressos and staring blankly at passersby. Walk around the city and, rest assured,[Read More…]

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Byman Discusses Foreign Fighters in MOOC Lecture

The first lecture of School of Foreign Service Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs Daniel Byman’s Terrorism and Counterterrorism Massive Online Open Course took place at the Mortara Center for International Studies Monday evening. Drawing more than 40 attendees, the course is part of the second wave of MOOCs introduced[Read More…]

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Travelled Perspective

Travelled Perspective

In “Roughing It,” Mark Twain wrote: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” I have been lucky this year to travel to places — both in the United States and abroad — that few other people have had the privilege to see. All this wandering has opened my mind[Read More…]

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Panel Talks Middle Eastern Policy

Panel Talks Middle Eastern Policy

Edward Walker, the former U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and Startup Angels CEO Leslie Jump spoke on Tuesday in the Healey Family Student Center about the current state of affairs in the Middle East and whether high-growth, technological entrepreneurship can succeed in areas where diplomacy[Read More…]

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Arab Studies Journal Sees Rise in Readership

Bassam Haddad, an adjunct assistant professor in the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, founded Jadaliyya four years ago in conjunction with several Georgetown professors and graduate students, and the magazine is now being met with increased readership. Jadaliyya is an online magazine, or “e-zine,” that publishes content on issues of[Read More…]

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Jonathan Schanzer discusses the Palestinian political system.

Expert Talks Palestine Perspective

Counterterrorism expert Jonathan Schanzer said Palestinian politics are overlooked in the field of Middle Eastern studies in a lecture in White-Gravenor Hall on Wednesday. The event was co-sponsored by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and the Georgetown Israel Alliance. During his talk, Schanzer emphasized the fact that many people[Read More…]

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The panel included Denise Natali of the Insititute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University, and Kadir Utsun, research director at the SETA Foundation.

Panel Discusses IS Group, Middle Eastern Affairs

The Institute of Turkish Studies and the Middle East Institute co-sponsored a panel on Turkey, the Islamic State group and the Middle East on Wednesday in McShain Lounge. A panel of experts led by Sinan Ciddi, executive director of the Institute for Turkish Studies, included Denise Natali, who holds the[Read More…]

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United States Must Not Delay Intervention in Syria

Despite recent revelations of chemical weapon usage resulting in the deaths of 1,429 people outside of Syria’s capital city, a recent Reuters poll claims that only 9 percent of Americans support military intervention. This is a serious miscalculation, as not intervening in Syria would have dire humanitarian and geopolitical implications.[Read More…]

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Network Joins US, Middle East Students

After spending the summer as a journalist in Iraq, Christian Chung (SFS ’15) looked to his experience to found the U.S.-Middle East Youth Network, an international group that joins students in both regions to debate and discuss foreign policy. “I … had the opportunity to really engage with college students focusing[Read More…]

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MILLER: Bush Comparisons Worn Thin

MILLER: Bush Comparisons Worn Thin

Let’s get this straight: Mitt Romney is not George Bush.

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