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New Focus on Chicanx and Latinx Art

Over the last four decades, Chicanx art and Latinx art have grown as artistic currents of the modern American cultural landscape. Mainly founded by Southern California-based Chicanx and Latinx artists, these movements intend to shed light on the economic, political and social disparities faced by Chicanx and Latinx. In partnership[Read More…]

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POR OTRO LADO: Walks Through Teotihuacán

POR OTRO LADO: Walks Through Teotihuacán

I have been spending my first month of the fall semester not on the Hilltop, but in Mexico City, where I have been  immersed in a culture filled with the smooth but exhausting Spanish of chilangos — natives to the city — the gloriously deep blue of Frida Kahlo’s house[Read More…]

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Welcome Home,  Bienvenido a Casa

Welcome Home, Bienvenido a Casa

It all started with the sight. Before the plane landed, I saw the soaring skyscrapers and the golden rivers of traffic lights flowing in the distance. Then, the sound followed. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mexico City.” As I got off the plane, Spanish words began to flood my ears:[Read More…]

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24 Hours in Mexico City

Mexico City’s layered history, massive population and undeniable charm come together to create a dynamic, fascinating spot for travelers. Its world-class museums, incredible gastronomy and colorful neighborhoods could keep you busy for months, but just a day in Mexico City is enough to give visitors a peek into a vibrant,[Read More…]

Humanizing the U.S.-Mexican Border

As the hot desert sun beat down on sand and concrete, a woman waved to us from behind a chain-link fence. “We love having visitors,” she said with her words easily passing through the metal barrier that separated us. “We need help.” This woman, along with approximately 1,500 other undocumented[Read More…]

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About 40 students lay down in Red Square on Monday afternoon to draw attention to the 43 Mexican students who went missing in September after clashing with local police in Guerrero.

Laying In for Missing Mexican Students

Around 40 Georgetown students lay on the ground across Red Square on Monday afternoon to raise awareness about 43 students in Mexico who have been missing since clashes with the police Sept. 26. “We wanted to break the silence that has come to characterize U.S. response to violence in Mexico,”[Read More…]

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Jesuits Lobby for Immigration Reform

Jesuits nationwide are taking action in response to the large-scale child immigration crisis that began this summer as tens of thousands of children — many unaccompanied by parents or guardians — from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico migrated to the United States. The Jesuit Conference of the United States[Read More…]

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McCourt Conference Explores Immigration Reform

McCourt Conference Explores Immigration Reform

Georgetown University sponsored a panel of ambassadors from Mexico, the Philippines and El Salvador to discuss immigration reform for the 20th Annual McCourt School Policy Conference at the U.S. Capitol this past Friday. Although the McCourt School of Public Policy was endowed this year, it continues the conference series of[Read More…]

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Professor Helms Language Preservation Projects

Professor Helms Language Preservation Projects

Each Tuesday afternoon in Poulton Hall, professor Mark Sicoli gathers with a student research team to analyze videos of people speaking Lachixío, of the West Zapotec language family that is spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico. With the rising prominence of Spanish, only approximately 3,000 people in the world currently speak Lachixío;[Read More…]

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O’BRIEN: Using the Three D’s to Guide a Modern Life

Earlier this year, leaders from Jesuit universities and colleges around the world gathered in Mexico City to reflect on the challenges in Jesuit higher education today. The Superior General of the Jesuits, Adolfo Nicolás, (my boss in Rome) opened the conference with a challenging talk. He warned against what he[Read More…]

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