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RICHARD & WOODRUFF: Unity After #MeToo Breakthrough

Amid the nationwide push to address sexual assault, women everywhere are joining together to say #MeToo. From touching personal narratives to the “black carpet” at this year’s Golden Globe awards, women are emerging from socially constructed shadows of taboo and shame to speak about their experiences as survivors of sexual[Read More…]

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DILLON: ‘A Hoya Looks at 40’

DILLON: ‘A Hoya Looks at 40’

When I look at the Class of 1977’s official commencement photograph, I can see a much younger and thinner version of myself in the front row. In addition to a full head of hair, I am wearing the confident smile of a callow youth, blithely unaware of what lie ahead[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Broadcast Guidelines Effectively

As incidents of violence and harassment against women and other minority groups by members of the Georgetown community continue to emerge, the university administration must communicate a clear and strong stance against these actions and cooperate with the community toward thoughtful and comprehensive solutions to these issues. The most recent[Read More…]

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COOKE: Dismantling Myths About Men and Feminism

COOKE: Dismantling Myths About Men and Feminism

It’s comically ironic that some of the most common misconceptions surrounding feminism are about men — namely, that men can’t be feminists and that feminism involves hating men. In reality, feminism must be an inclusive movement to be effective at advancing true equity between men and women, and feminists must[Read More…]

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