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BLANK: US Laws and Media Obscure Racist Realities

What do the mysterious death of a soldier in Iraq, the death of a teen in Florida, the controversy surrounding a class at Georgetown last fall, the war on drugs and voter ID laws all have in common? The answer is stealth racism. That is, racism that is not overt,[Read More…]

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GU Among TopTwitter Savvy Schools

Though students often bemoan Georgetown’s  patchy wireless Internet, Georgetown is making strides to keep pace with today’s online trends — and it has been rewarded. recently placed Georgetown 58th on its list of “Top 100 Social Media Colleges.” The website, geared towards college-bound students, describes, ranks and compares over[Read More…]

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News Experts Examine Role of Changing Media, Politics

An all-star panel of D.C. media elite dissected the pace and direction of news and media in front of a group of about 40 students last night in Copley Formal Lounge. As the political field evolves, so do the news and media industries according to first-hand accounts from panelists including[Read More…]

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Editorial: Press Politics Out of Line on Ariz. Shooting

The attempt to make sense of the deaths of six innocent people and the injury of 13 others last weekend in Arizona has led to an unnecessary and harmful blame game. After the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabriel Giffords (D-Ariz.), the nation has fruitlessly tried to rationalize one man’s irrational[Read More…]

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Media Critics Should Re-Examine Purpose

Sports media – like everything else in life – is constantly changing. Not too long ago, perhaps some 60 or 70 years ago, all of our sports information came from newspaper accounts. Then came the advent of television, which brought the biggest games into our living rooms. Cable television allowed[Read More…]

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