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VIEWPOINT: Trump Taps Into Simmering Distrust

We have done it. After over 400 days since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president and one of the most incredible elections in a recent history, we have arrived at a fabled “Peak Trump.” Unless there is an unprecedented reversal of fortunes, Nov. 8 will see former Secretary of[Read More…]

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Transcend Hate, Appreciate Humanity

When I scrolled through Facebook last weekend, I saw it flooded with red-white-blue tinted profile pictures along with the occasional blurb angry about other terrorist attacks that went unnoticed. This turned the weekend into a popularity contest. It should not have been. This highlights a key failure of modern forms[Read More…]

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Farewell To An Icon

Farewell To An Icon

The countdown to Aug. 6 continues as beloved “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart concludes the final shows of his 16-year run. Americans begin to ask themselves: what will we do without him? Jon Stewart joined “The Daily Show” in 1999. Unbeknownst to Stewart and the rest of the world, the[Read More…]

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Perils of Jumping the Campaign Gun

It’s early April and over a year and a half away from the next presidential election, but already, the announcements for campaigns and candidates are rolling in. With Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton announcing over the last two weeks, “campaign season” has officially begun, and we must prepare[Read More…]

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What’s in a Word? Privilege in the Media

Last Tuesday, three North Carolina students were shot dead. I learned of this news, as many of you likely did, through social media. I went in pursuit of more information about this #ChapelHillShooting, but my searches were met with more tweets and posts and with very few reports from news[Read More…]

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CORREIA: Cronkite: Biased and Better for It

CORREIA: Cronkite: Biased and Better for It

Ask anyone over the age of 40, and he or she will likely say that the last great American broadcast journalist was Walter Cronkite. From 1937 until 1981, Cronkite reported on many important events in American history; his most famous moments include his report of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and[Read More…]

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US Cases of Ebola Distract From Crisis

“EBOLA MAY BE IN D.C. WEAR A FACE MASK AND DON’T SHARE DRINKS!” read one text I got last week from a good friend of mine.The actual text had about eight more exclamation points, but I have confidence you sense the urgency she meant to convey. I could tell she[Read More…]

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The Waning Relevancy of an Honest Game

With the 837th pick of the 2014 Major League Baseball Draft, the San Diego Padres selected Johnny Manziel. Although Manziel — a football player, a Heisman trophy winner and NFL quarterback — has not played baseball since high school, the Padres decided to use a draft pick on a player[Read More…]


Needless Loss for Newsprint

Last week, the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee unilaterally killed the Collegiate Readership Program. Collegiate Readership, funded by GUSA since 2008, distributes free copies of The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today to Hilltop newsstands each weekday, costing the student association $14,000 each year.[Read More…]

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Disaster Movie Done Right: ‘White House Down’ Is the New Summer Blockbuster

Disaster Movie Done Right: ‘White House Down’ Is the New Summer Blockbuster

4/5 stars Most White House action movies stretch the boundaries of reason, sacrificing the plausibility of a White House takeover for entertainment value. But Roland Emmerich’snewest doomsday movie, White House Down, combines the traditional violence, bribery and terrorist plots in a complex story that will leave viewers wondering if such an attack[Read More…]

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