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The eighth annual Lavender Graduation, an effort to recognize the LGBTQ community at Georgetown, was held in the Healy Family Student Center on Wednesday.

Lavender Graduation Honors LGBTQ Community, Allies

The LGBTQ Resource Center and the Tagliabue Initiative for LGBTQ Life hosted the eighth annual Lavender Graduation, which seeks to celebrate the contributions and stories of Georgetown’s graduating LGBTQ community and its allies, in the Healey Family Student Center on Wednesday. The ceremony featured speeches from University President John J.[Read More…]

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OWN IT 2016: Redefining Activism

Activism can be as simple as carrying a dildo. That was one of the many messages relayed by the “Redefining Activism” panelists, who kicked off the afternoon half of the OWN IT Summit on Saturday. Moderated by Jamia Wilson, feminist activist and executive director of Women, Action, and the Media:[Read More…]

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Equality Fight Goes On

In recent weeks, many Republican-led states — especially in the South — have made national headlines by considering, and in some cases passing, legislation promoting local anti-LGBTQ discrimination policies or enacting protections for businesses and other institutions that deny services to LGBTQ individuals and groups. The legislation is cloaked in[Read More…]

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A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

This is my love letter. But it isn’t to one person. It is to a community — a community that has taught me how to love and be loved, that embraces me even when I don’t embrace myself, that is profoundly compassionate and inclusive in nature. This is my love[Read More…]

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Homeless Youth Surveyed

A recent D.C. Department of Human Services survey found that 43 percent of the District’s 330 homeless youths identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to D.C.’s first Homeless Youth Census released Jan. 13. The youths surveyed were living on the streets, in a housing program or without a[Read More…]

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Employment Study Prompts Look at Transgender Rights

A D.C. Office of Human Rights report published Nov. 3 found that transgender citizens in Washington, D.C., face significant barriers in seeking employment amid discussions regarding transgender discrimination on campus and at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The data revealed that transgender individuals are less likely to be hired than cisgender[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Georgetown Academy: A Match In The Wind

QUALLEN: Georgetown Academy: A Match In The Wind

In 1965, Herbert Marcuse called for a new, repressive kind of tolerance. In 1987, Allan Bloom declared that relativism had closed the American mind. In 1991, The Georgetown Academy sprang into life between the slender legs of their powerful conflict. And now, it’s back. The Academy, which has oscillated between[Read More…]

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The Georgetown That Saved Me

The Georgetown That Saved Me

I read critics’ discussion regarding OUTober. Allow me to explain why we need this. Allow me to explain to you why the work of the LGBTQ Resource Center, the work of GU Pride and the work of Georgetown University to fund these entities is not only a good thing to[Read More…]

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GU Pride organized a celebration of Coming Out Day in Red Square last Friday to kick off the 11th annual OUTober, which includes 15 other events organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center throughout October and the first three weeks of November.

OUTober Programming Focuses on Trans Rights

OUTober, a six-week long celebration of the LGBTQ community organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center and GU Pride, returned to campus this month in its 11th annual iteration with increased programming for transgender history and rights. In conjunction with student organizations and academic departments, the LGBTQ Resource Center has organized[Read More…]

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Georgetown students gathered outside of the Supreme Court this morning to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage.

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide this morning in a 5-4 ruling. Thousands of supporters, including Georgetown students, celebrated the ruling outside the Supreme Court for hours after the decision was announced at around 10 a.m. Justice Anthony Kennedy authored the majority opinion. “It would misunderstand these men and[Read More…]

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