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The original work of art, claimed by District artist Aja Adams, for which artist Lisa Thalhammer has taken full credit. The artists are engaged in a yearlong dispute over the rightful author of a mural.

District Artist Disputes Mural Credit, Copyright

More than 1,300 people have signed a petition launched Oct. 10 by Aja Adams, a Washington, D.C. artist who identifies as LGBTQIA, is seeking credit and compensation for a mural design she claims was stolen by artist Lisa Thalhammer. The conflict began in 2016 when Adams said she was approached[Read More…]

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LGBTQ, Ally Community Celebrate Lavender Graduation

LGBTQ, Ally Community Celebrate Lavender Graduation

Three hundred members of the LGBTQ community and allies gathered at the ninth annual Lavender Graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2017 in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room last night. Organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Tagliabue Initiative for LGBTQ Life, the[Read More…]

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At a Crossroads: Hurdles Remain for LGBTQ Inclusion on Campus

Aaron Warga (SFS ’18) was tabling in Red Square for Transgender Day of Visibility when an admitted student asked about Georgetown’s housing process for gender-nonconforming students. Warga was at a loss for what to say. “They said ‘I am nonbinary, I identify as they/them/theirs. What are the housing policies here?’[Read More…]

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Students Advocate Progress On and Off Campus

In a year marked by protests in Washington, D.C., following President Donald Trump’s election and his new policies, Georgetown students advocated for progress in areas ranging from workers’ rights to protections for LGBTQ individuals. Workers’ Rights Seventeen members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee staged a 35-hour sit-in at University President[Read More…]


University to Make Single-Stall Restrooms Gender-Inclusive Following Student Activism

The university and the Georgetown University Student Association LGBTQ Inclusivity policy team have launched an initiative to make single-stall restrooms in public buildings on campus both gender-inclusive and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant by the end of the semester. Currently, many public buildings on campus, including the Leavey Center, Healy Hall[Read More…]

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Panel Warns Possible Shifts in Military Transgender Policy

Panel Warns Possible Shifts in Military Transgender Policy

President-elect Donald Trump’s future administrative appointments could spark a significant rollback of transgender rights in the military, according to panelists hosted by the Georgetown LGBTQ Resource Center and the Georgetown University Veterans Office on Monday. Georgetown’s Veterans Office Director LeNaya Hezel moderated the conversation between Shane McCammon, a veteran and[Read More…]

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Panelists Push Gun Control Laws

The government must introduce stricter gun-control laws in light of the June 12 Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, according to a panel on LGBTQ issues Nov. 9 in the Healey Family Student Center. In June, 50 people were killed at Pulse, a gay nightclub. Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, the director of Latino[Read More…]

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Activist Urges Reassessment of LGBTQ Movement

The mainstream LGBTQ movement has lost sight of its founders’ liberation ideology, according to author and activist Urvashi Vaid in a discussion of the political, local, national and global histories of the community Wednesday as a part of LGBTQ History Month. Speaking at the event “Reading Our Many Pasts,” organized[Read More…]

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GUPride has apologized for its handling of race in its club after its Mr. Georgetown candidate, fifth from right, was criticized for a spoken word poem on race he performed.

Mr. GUPride Apology Issued

Georgetown University Pride apologized on Sunday for a spoken word poem presented by Willem Miller — the group’s representative at last Friday’s Mr. Georgetown pageant — in which he described his concerns about raising a black child in this country. In a Facebook statement, the group admitted to its troubled[Read More…]

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A Call For More Than Thoughts and Prayers

There’s something really special to me about Latin music. There’s nothing quite like hearing the first few notes of a song from your childhood — the bongos, the cajon, the trumpets. Growing up in Miami, my music was never hard to find. I never went to a party that didn’t[Read More…]

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