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The Space For South Asian Culture

In response to Piyusha Mittal’s viewpoint (“Making Space for South Asian Culture,” Oct. 2, 2015, The Hoya), it is important to note that, over the course of the last year, Georgetown University and the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program have worked to engage South Asia in a more[Read More…]

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What Has Become of Us?

To the Editor: My undergraduate class will celebrate its 20-year reunion at the end of May. Though I have attended in the past, I’ll stay home this year for the sake of my classmates. I would be such a downer complaining about what the university has become. (I’m sure they’ll[Read More…]

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In Defense of “I Was Mugged…”

To the Editor, When I first published my article, “I Was Mugged And I Understand Why,” I could never have predicted the response it would receive. I hope this letter clarifies some of the points that have been wildly misread. To be perfectly clear, I do not condone violence against anyone,[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rethinking the Dangers of Plagiarism

To the Editor: Just the utterance of the word “plagiarism” can elicit fear in students and professors alike. Most students have come to understand its parameters within an academic setting, but they do not always grasp how it translates to the real world. During a writing seminar that I recently[Read More…]

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Why I’m Proud I Changed My Last Name

To the Editor: I read Jasmine White’s “Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name” with curiosity … and indignation. I am a Class of 2014 alum and have been married a whopping five months. So clearly, I have lots of life experiences to speak to some of the issues in[Read More…]

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Catholicism’s Exploration of Scripture

To the Editor: “Born-again” Christian preachers demonstrated at Georgetown’s front gates last Wednesday, warning of the dangers of Catholicism and its inability to lead us to salvation. The event didn’t really draw my attention, except for one thing: a pamphlet they were distributing titled “What Roman Catholics Find When They[Read More…]

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Old Leo’s Policy Flexible, Not Fraudulent

To the Editor: In an article titled “Leo’s Limits Meal Swipe Use” from Oct. 10 [A5], The Hoya described Aramark and the administration’s motivations and students’ reactions to the recent enforcement of meal swipe limits at Leo’s. The administration cited the abuse of the previously flexible policy in which students[Read More…]

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SAC Needs Nothing More Than a Diet

To the editor: Patrick Musgrave, chair of SAC, recently wrote an article in which he proposed many steps to help get student groups more funding for their activities. The solution, however, is so much simpler than either he or anyone else seems to recognize. In one fell swoop, SAC could[Read More…]

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Mandatory Minimums a Better Path to Justice

To The Editor: Re: “With Race, Holder’s Weak Action” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3 I, too, have a bitter taste left in my mouth by the fact that those responsible for the financial collapse of the last decade seemed to have been simply slapped on the hand and told, “Don’t[Read More…]

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Holder Not Responsible for Economic Disparity

To The Editor: I find deeply tenuous Hunter Main’s argument (“With Race, Holder’s Weak Action,” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3) that Attorney General Eric Holder’s racial legacy is murky due to his failure to prosecute high-level financial executives responsible for excesses of the 2008 recession. While Main accurately explains how[Read More…]

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