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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Being Opinionated Will Not Help

To the Editor, In the viewpoint “Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated,”  [The Hoya, Sept. 22, 2017, A3] I can relate to a lot of what the author is feeling. As I am more reserved, I tend to keep quiet in social settings, not wanting to stir controversy or contradict what[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Expand Advocacy to Protect Dreamers

As a Georgetown alumna and a high school teacher, who over the years has taught many talented, determined students without documentation, I applaud your support of the bipartisan Dream Act. I urge you to go a step further and support the Recognizing America’s Children Act. It is bipartisan legislation in[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: After 52 Years, A Confession

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: After 52 Years, A Confession

Dear Editor: In the fall of 1965, I was a freshman in the Georgetown College living on the fourth floor of Old North. Another freshman, who shall remain unnamed, and I decided to steal the hands from the clock on Healy Tower. We went up through the attic of Healy[Read More…]

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Do You Love Medicine?

To all pre-med “Josh” Hoyas, I write this as I sit in the depths of another university’s library, preparing myself for yet another physiology test in less than 36 hours. I was privileged, unlike many Hoyas, to be able to make it through the rigorous curriculum and approval process from[Read More…]

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Levels of Learning Lacks Awareness

In their column, Naman Trivedi (SFS ’16) and Rohan Shetty (MSB ’16) criticize “formalized, course-based teaching” at Georgetown for “fail[ing] to make learning integrative and high-impact” (“Levels of Learning in a New Curriculum,” Nov. 10, 2015, The Hoya). Without citing evidence or data to support this view, they then propose[Read More…]

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The Catholic Vision of Sexuality

As a recent alumnus who “feels that Georgetown must change to include more church teaching,” I very much appreciated Lexi Dever’s viewpoint (“The Georgetown That Saved Me,” Oct. 30, 2015, The Hoya). I am glad that Dever has found a home on the Hilltop; Georgetown is in need of a[Read More…]

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The Space For South Asian Culture

In response to Piyusha Mittal’s viewpoint (“Making Space for South Asian Culture,” Oct. 2, 2015, The Hoya), it is important to note that, over the course of the last year, Georgetown University and the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program have worked to engage South Asia in a more[Read More…]

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What Has Become of Us?

To the Editor: My undergraduate class will celebrate its 20-year reunion at the end of May. Though I have attended in the past, I’ll stay home this year for the sake of my classmates. I would be such a downer complaining about what the university has become. (I’m sure they’ll[Read More…]

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In Defense of “I Was Mugged…”

To the Editor, When I first published my article, “I Was Mugged And I Understand Why,” I could never have predicted the response it would receive. I hope this letter clarifies some of the points that have been wildly misread. To be perfectly clear, I do not condone violence against anyone,[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rethinking the Dangers of Plagiarism

To the Editor: Just the utterance of the word “plagiarism” can elicit fear in students and professors alike. Most students have come to understand its parameters within an academic setting, but they do not always grasp how it translates to the real world. During a writing seminar that I recently[Read More…]

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