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Jobs’ Death a Byte Out of Apple

How can millions worldwide love one man whom they have never met? On Oct. 5 one of the leading tech titans of the world, Steve Jobs, passed away. The Apple co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer died after battling pancreatic cancer for seven years. Millions of people across the world[Read More…]

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Remembering Unsung Heroes

Everybody needs a hero. We need someone who inspires and brings the very best out of us. Unfortunately, our generation continues to misunderstand the concept of heroism. We seem to equate media exposure with heroism or importance. A hero is not a meat-wearing pop star, a Hollywood actor or even[Read More…]

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A Collective Memory

Almost all Georgetown students will be able to tell you where they were that sunny September morning 10 years ago. Most of us were still in elementary school, yet undeniably Sept. 11, 2001 was a political awakening for our generation. The subsequent years shaped our conception of not only world[Read More…]

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Carving Out a Legacy

Carving Out a Legacy

“If there has been any feeling that Georgetown students were apathetic to the civil rights cause, it was expelled by a series of events last week. The action began last Sunday when 13 students left Campus, planning to drive all night and to arrive in Selma, Ala. … To avoid[Read More…]

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Role of Legacies Relatively Small in Admissions Process

The acceptance rate for legacy students is significantly lower at Georgetown University compared to peer universities, though legacy students still gain a 10 percentage-point boost in the admissions proceedings taking place in White-Gravenor Hall this fall. According to Charles Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions, the acceptance rate of legacy students,[Read More…]

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Reliving Magic of Harry Potter

On Columbus Day, I made a return trip to my golden days of youth, no thanks to a time machine. Instead, three friends and I traveled to the recently opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. Amanda McGeough (COL ’12), Margaux McGrath (COL ’12), Hannah[Read More…]

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Wooden’s Legacy Slowly Tarnished by Impatience

THIS PAST SUMMER, FORMER UCLA men’s basketball coach John Wooden passed away at the age of 99. Considered by many to be the greatest coach in basketball history, Wooden led UCLA to 10 national titles, including seven straight titles, and a record-winning streak of 88 games. Wooden’s coaching philosophy derived[Read More…]

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Long Time English Professor Dies

Michael Ragussis, a professor in the English department, died at home on Thursday after a long illness, according to an e-mail from University Provost James O’Donnell to the campus community on Friday night. “As a teacher, Michael was known for his rigor and careful attentiveness to the intellectual growth of[Read More…]

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