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GOLDSTEIN: Finding Identity in History

GOLDSTEIN: Finding Identity in History

When I walk past Lauinger Library these days, I think of Fr. Leonard Neale, S.J. When Neale was president of Georgetown College from 1798 to 1806, his bedroom in Old South — the first building to grace the Hilltop — doubled as the campus library. Every night Neale would unfold[Read More…]

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Librarian Artemis Kirk will have been at Georgetown for almost 16 years when she retires in October.

Librarian to Retire After Over a Decade of Service

University Librarian Artemis G. Kirk will retire in October 2017 after almost 16 years at the university, according to a campus-wide email sent by University Provost Robert M. Groves on Wednesday. “I am grateful for the multitude of ways that Artemis has expanded and deepened the University Library’s engagement with[Read More…]

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Maker Hub Manager Don Undeen was also invited to serve on the Vatican’s first Arts and Technology Council. The Hub allows students to create objects for entrepreneurial reasons, or simply for fun.

Maker Hub Launch Lights Up Lauinger

Tristan MacHale (MSB ’19) likes to make things. When he worked at a beach club this summer, he learned basic carpentry skills like fixing doors and building shelves. “I know my way around a drill and a hammer and all that,” MacHale said. For MacHale, and others like him, the[Read More…]

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University Information Services implemented a $189,000 upgrade of the Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system, the university’s oldest Wi-Fi hotspot, after students expressed concerns about the reliability of the old system.

GU’s Oldest Wi-Fi System Receives Overhaul

From Jan. 4 to Jan. 8 of this year, University Information Services completed an approximately $189,000 overhaul of the Georgetown University Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system and general connectivity infrastructure. The project was completed with outside contractors, including the Virginia-based Knight Point Systems, and used Advanced AirMagnet software to assess the[Read More…]

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Lau Devotes Space to Creativity

The Gelardin New Media Center will open a new space on the first floor of Lauinger Library to foster creativity within the Georgetown community by March 1. The new area, called a MakerSpace and funded by a $15,000 donation from the Caroon Fund, will feature several types of creative tools,[Read More…]

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In recent years, the staff of Lauinger Library has adapted to the shifting needs of students and faculty by increasing both the amount of its physical collections as well as that of its digital resources, including electronic databases, e-books and reference services.

Lauinger Library Addresses Digital Demands

Thousands of students walk in and out the doors of Lauinger Library every day, but few know the inner workings that allow students to search a book or collection, print a document or conduct research. Over the past few years, the Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library has expanded its collection[Read More…]

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Programming, Exhibit Commemorate St. Teresa

Georgetown celebrated the quincentenary of St. Teresa of Avila, a prominent historic figure in the Catholic Church, with an all-day series of panel discussions and performances exploring the modern implications of her legacy in Lohrfink Auditorium on Friday. The free anniversary celebration, which took place the day after the saint’s[Read More…]

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$150 Million in Special Collections Displayed at Lau

$150 Million in Special Collections Displayed at Lau

The Booth Family Center for Special Collections on the fifth floor of Lauinger Library reopened Wednesday after nearly a year of renovations, which transformed part of the floor into a 9,200-square foot exhibition room with $150 million worth of books, manuscripts and art pieces. According to Director of the Center[Read More…]

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A new Lauinger LIbrary exhibit on the third floor honors Jesuit heritage at Georgetown and will be open until the end of February.

New Lau Exhibit Displays Georgetown Jesuit Heritage

Lauinger Library opened a new exhibit last week on its third floor honoring the Jesuit heritage of Georgetown University. The exhibit, titled “The Woodstock Theological Library: The Jesuit Heritage of Georgetown University,” is located in both the Kerbs Gallery, which is on the third floor of the library between the[Read More…]

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The Booth Family Center for Special Collections, which will reopen in March, will allow students to get a hands-on look at Georgetown’s rare book collection, which features books costing up to $1 million.

Library’s Rare Books Excite

Students often mention how Lauinger Library, with its harsh fluorescent lighting and brash cement exterior, is the least inspirational study space. But with the planned opening in March of the Booth Family Center for Special Collections and the November addition of Ethan Henderson, a curator of rare books, that lack[Read More…]

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