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VIEWPOINT: Learning to Dig Deeper

Last spring, I took “Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies,” a course that was informative beyond my expectations. As we moved beyond theory and examined institutions and movements ranging from the military-industrial complex and the prison-industrial complex to globalization, I grew incredulous at how little I truly knew about the[Read More…]

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College Embraces New Programs

In recent years, the College has introduced a number of majors and minors in response to student interest, but many academic departments find themselves unable to accommodate the growing demand. Administrators are struggling to keep these programs as inclusive as possible while managing limited resources and attempting to preserve the[Read More…]

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JUPS Major Wins Approval

Georgetown College approved justice and peace studies as an official major Tuesday, after a yearlong campaign by the program’s students. “We see our transition into a justice and peace studies major as a positive sign of university validation for our unique, collaborative program,” Program on Justice and Peace Director Randall[Read More…]

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