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Bradlee’s Georgetown Legacy

Ben Bradlee, the Washington Post editor who guided the paper through the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, was a Washington D.C. legend. But the longtime Georgetown resident also left a distinct legacy on the Hilltop, where he taught a journalism course and received an honorary degree. Bradlee took over the Post[Read More…]

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In the Newsroom: The Storyteller

  During my freshman year of high school, I abandoned my lifelong dream of becoming a professional journalist and instead began to consider careers that would help me fulfill the much loftier goal of “helping people.” This goal eventually brought me to the School of Foreign Service and landed me[Read More…]

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Cuban journalist Yoani Sanchez was named Georgetown’s new Yahoo Fellow in International Values, Communications, Technology and the Global Internet. Sanchez will teach MSFS courses this spring.

Fellow Talks Blogging, Without Freedom of Speech

Cuban journalist Yoani Sanchez is one of the foremost online advocates for free speech worldwide. Her personal blog, Generación Y, is translated into two dozen languages and receives over 14 million hits per month, and she started Cuba’s first daily online newspaper, 14ymedio. Sanchez brings her knowledge of communication in[Read More…]

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FUNT: Advocacy Beyond the Armchair

FUNT: Advocacy Beyond the Armchair

  Some readers charge The Hoya and its writers with being aloof and elitist. That allegation is misguided, but I, for one, proudly wear the badge of idealism. Idealists, however, are not without flaws of their own. I served on this newspaper’s editorial board for a year and worked alongside[Read More…]

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FUNT: Justice and Journalism to Match

FUNT: Justice and Journalism to Match

I am an alliteration enthusiast, and it took restraint just now not to write “alliteration addict.” To my ear, words pack more of a punch if they form a sequence of similar sounding syllables. When I was chair of The Hoya’s editorial board, I remember the alliterative thrill I got[Read More…]

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In the Newsroom: The Marine

In the Newsroom: The Marine

I have a desk in The Hoya office; in the top-left corner, there is a picture of Blackfoot 1-1, my squad from my 2008 deployment to Afghanistan. I bill that picture as my “roots” because in those eight months in Helmand Province, Southern Afghanistan, I changed from who I was[Read More…]

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Who We Are to Judge

In the minds of many newspaper readers, the ethical editor suspends personal belief when on the job, having been trained in techniques that strip subjectivity from news reporting. Like a judge in the courtroom, editors in the newsroom are expected to flip a switch and become robotic reviewers of fact.[Read More…]

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Alum Deported From Bahrain

Georgetown graduate Erin Kilbride (COL ’12) was deported from Bahrain on Saturday for what the government described as her “radical” writings on Twitter and other websites. Kilbride, originally from Portland, Maine, left the gulf kingdom and was to arrive in the United States later Saturday. Unrest between Bahrain’s Sunni-led monarchy and majority[Read More…]

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Valuing the Present, Minding the Future

Where to next? It’s a question that never goes away. It’s the question I’m asking myself as a senior, the question I’ve asked myself on each rung of The Hoya’s organizational ladder and the question I was asking myself four years ago. I’m grateful that the answer four years ago[Read More…]

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Journalism Minor Now Accepting Applications

Georgetown College’s new minor in journalism, which was approved by the Executive Curriculum Committee in January, is now accepting applications for its first crop of students. The minor will require six classes, including “Introduction to Journalism,” “Digital News,” “Media Techniques,” a Journalism Capstone and two electives. Although the minor is[Read More…]

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