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GORORDO: Rethinking Social Impact

GORORDO: Rethinking Social Impact

When I was a student at Georgetown University 15 years ago, the Jesuits inspired me to think about a future that put purposeful and positive social change at the center of my life. They taught me the importance of asking questions, embracing difficult conversations, never accepting the status quo and[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: As Jesuit Presence Fades, Georgetown Recommits to Its Roots

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The Society of Jesus elected Fr. Arturo Sosa, S.J., a former researcher at Georgetown, as its superior general.

Jesuits Elect New Superior General

Fr. Arturo Sosa, S.J., a former visiting researcher at Georgetown’s Center for Latin American Studies, was elected the 31st superior general of the Society of Jesus and the first non-European superior general in an Oct. 14 vote with the Jesuits’ main governing body in Rome. Sosa worked at Georgetown between[Read More…]

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Beyond the 272 Sold in 1838, Plotting the National Diaspora of Jesuit-Owned Slaves

Beyond the 272 Sold in 1838, Plotting the National Diaspora of Jesuit-Owned Slaves

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Jesuits Reflect on Global Service

As part of Jesuit Heritage Week, Jesuits and the Georgetown University Latin American Student Association co-sponsored a discussion highlighting the broad impact of Jesuit service in Latin America in McShain Lounge on Thursday. The talk was led by panelists Fr. Matthew Carnes, S.J., Fr. John Montoya, S.J., Austin Rose (COL[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Slavery Inextricably Tied To Georgetown’s Growth

QUALLEN: Slavery Inextricably Tied To Georgetown’s Growth

The facts of the sale are well known: In 1838, Thomas F. Mulledy and William McSherry, then the president of Georgetown, sold 272 Jesuit-owned slaves south. The sale was vicious and controversial. Mulledy, fearful that some slaves would escape if word of the sale got out, arrived unannounced on the[Read More…]

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Georgetown University

Rev. James Walsh, S.J., Father of Speech Policy, Dies

“A university is many things but central to its being is discourse, discussion, debate: the untrammeled expression of ideas and information.” With those words, Rev. James Walsh, S.J., opened his preamble to the 1989 speech and expression policy, the first of its kind at Georgetown. The associate professor of theology died[Read More…]

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Fr. Patrick Heelan, S.J., who served as the university’s vice president for the main campus and as a professor of philosophy, died on Feb. 1 in his home country of Ireland at the age of 88.

Heelan, 88, Strengthened Community

Fr. Patrick Heelan, S.J., loved to smile. In the midst of any disagreement or serious discussion, Heelan’s smile refused to fade. Heelan was the William A. Gaston professor of philosophy at Georgetown as well as a Jesuit priest, a university administrator and an esteemed philosopher and physicist. Heelan always had[Read More…]

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Georgetown, Jesuits, Slaveholding

Georgetown, Jesuits, Slaveholding

The Hoya has run a series of pieces about the relationship of the university in its early years to slavery. The two columns by Matthew Quallen and another by Suzanne Monyak are thoughtful examples of a kind of historical reflection that has lately been undertaken at other universities with slaveholding[Read More…]

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Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, will visit D.C. in 2015.

Pope Francis to Visit DC Later This Year

Pope Francis will visit Washington, D.C., this fall during his first official visit to the United States as pope. Francis’ three-city trip of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington marks the first papal visit to the United States since Pope Benedict XVI came in the spring of 2008. During that[Read More…]

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