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Generation 9/11

Generation 9/11

The 9/11 attacks have become a part of our generation in ways that extend far beyond the days after the attacks. Reaching past the limits of New York and Washington, the atrocities on that day — coupled with the ongoing “War on Terror” that was initiated in their wake —[Read More…]

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Can the U.S. Accept Islam?

During my Junior year of high school, I took time off from school for a few weeks to work on a congressional campaign in New York. It was an exciting time to be involved in the political process: After a rough history of race relations in the country, the United[Read More…]

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French Burqa Ban Represents Islamophobia

The debate over Islam’s place in France has been at the forefront of national conversation in the past six years. The climax came 10 days ago when the French National Assembly approved a bill that severely infringes upon religious expression. Last Tuesday, the French government passed a hotly contested ban[Read More…]

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