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In his fourth address at Georgetown, Cyrus Reza II Pahlavi, former crown prince of Iran, discussed the road to democracy in Iran and the future of U.S.-Iran relations after the nuclear deal in the ICC on Wednesday.

Pahlavi Talks Challenges in Post-Nuclear Deal Iran

Cyrus Reza II Pahlavi, the head of Iran’s deposed House of Pahlavi, visited Georgetown to discuss misconceptions regarding the recent nuclear deal in light of the evolving political situation in Iran in the Intercultural Center on Wednesday. The International Relations Club sponsored the lecture, titled “American-Iranian Relations Following the Nuclear[Read More…]

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Grow Through Debate

The recent debate between Associate Professor and author Matthew Kroenig and Associate Professor and published writer Colin Kahl on the Iran nuclear deal is an exemplar for how academic and university discourse ought to be conducted. Campuses, due to the composition of their student bodies, often tend to favor a[Read More…]

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