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Vanessa Chapoy (COL ’18) and Daniel Frumento (COL ’18) in Mask and Bauble’s “Into the Woods.”

All the World’s a Stage

With a number of dynamic and moving performances that are sure to evoke the deepest of emotions, performing arts groups at Georgetown are showcasing some of their best this week. From Mask and Bauble’s fantasy musical “Into The Woods” to the Rev. Khristi Adams’ enlightening “God and Country” to the[Read More…]

Meryl Streep plays a mischievous witch in the new Disney movie "Into the Woods."

Movie Review: ‘Into the Woods’

★★★★☆ “Into the Woods” is a modern, dark take on traditional fairytales, and it has everything you would expect from a large-scale, big-name Disney blockbuster. There are the typical laugh-out-loud moments from almost all the characters as well as flawless, dramatic song sequences. However, there are also scenes of great[Read More…]