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TESTING TRUISMS: Does Fortune Favor the Bold?

TESTING TRUISMS: Does Fortune Favor the Bold?

This time of year, many of us are trying to craft the perfect application in hopes of landing a coveted internship or job for the summer. But how do you make your submission stand out?  A cover letter that catches your potential employer’s attention could be a good start. The[Read More…]

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GUSA Looks to Establish Internship Stipend Program

GUSA Looks to Establish Internship Stipend Program

The Georgetown University Student Association is working to establish a program that would give students stipends for working unpaid internships. The initiative, which parallels those at universities like The George Washington University, hopes to allow low- and middle-income students to better pursue unpaid internship opportunities in the District. “Students would[Read More…]

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KARNA: Overcome Pressure to Be Perfect

KARNA: Overcome Pressure to Be Perfect

Although my GPA has been devastated by economics courses, it somehow earned me an interview at Boston Consulting Group. I had plenty of time to prepare, so I put it off. I figured I knew how to nail a behavioral interview, thanks to the apply-for-everything culture at Georgetown. When this[Read More…]

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Recruitment is taking place in the fall instead of the spring for the first time this year after investment banks moved up their recruitment season and other firms followed suit.

Students Adjust to Fall Recruitment Shift

Upperclassman students were met by an earlier recruitment process when they returned to campus this fall, as the annual recruiting cycle for jobs and internships at financial institutions and many consulting firms moved from the spring semester to the fall semester for the first time. In previous years, recruiters from[Read More…]

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Costs of Unpaid Work

One of the great attributes of Georgetown is its proximity to Washington, D.C., a city filled with diversity and opportunity. Many students find employment opportunities over the summer in forms of internships with consulting firms, U.S. senators and nonprofits to name a few, before returning to campus for full-time academic[Read More…]

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A Little More Credit

A Little More Credit

Internships during the school year are an integral part of the student experience at Georgetown, preparing students for the working world and allowing them to try out different career options before graduation. One of Georgetown’s major draws for prospective students is its proximity to internships in a wide variety of[Read More…]

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Following My Heart (Strings) To Ecuador

This summer, I turned down a D.C. summer internship and spent three months recording an album in my hometown of Quito, Ecuador. I took two months to compose my songs, one week to practice them, one week to record them and two weeks to perform them live. The first copies[Read More…]

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The Best Plan is No Plan

We both received a jarring email in our inboxes recently: A reminder from the deans’ office to begin steps for registration for Fall 2015. After getting over the initial shock (and frankly, insult) of the reality of not being around to register for another semester of classes, we began reflecting.[Read More…]

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Website Connects Students With Internships

Campus Job, an online marketplace based in Philadelphia that connects students to employers, is in the midst of expanding to Georgetown and beyond. Two students at the University of Pennsylvania, Liz Wessel and J.J. Fliegelman, founded the marketplace in 2011, with a $1,000 in prize winnings from a business competition.[Read More…]

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GU Real Estate Club Launched First Real Estate Week

GU Real Estate Club Launched First Real Estate Week

The Georgetown University Real Estate Club hosted its first-ever Real Estate Week, featuring several events, seminars and panels that exposed students to different sides of the industry. Real Estate Club Co-President Aakash Bhatia (MSB ’16) discussed the importance of real estate in the daily lives of students, and he hopes[Read More…]

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