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U.S.-Mexico relations are at a turning point according to Mexican Ambassador Zabalgoitia

US-Mexico Relationship Faces Dire Threat, Speakers Warn

The historic United States-Mexico relationship faces an existential threat as public perception of both countries shifts and threatens diplomatic cooperation, a panel of experts argued Tuesday. The speakers examined political and economic factors stressing the relationship between the two countries, including the ongoing renegotiations of the North American Free Trade[Read More…]

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Matthew Kroenig is an Associate Professor and International Relations Field Chair in the department of government and School of Foreign Service. His distinguished academic career coupled by the success of his two siblings has made Kroenig’s story one of particular interest for students.

The Jet Set Life of Professor Kroenig

Matthew Kroenig’s dissertation book, “Exporting the Bomb,” is a typical academic publication, meant for political science scholars. But there’s an easily missed detail on the book’s back cover that would interest a much wider audience: next to Kroenig’s “about the author” photo are the words “courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld.” Last[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

For Indian PM, an All-Star American Tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to the United States with great expectations, after his party was the first to win a majority in India in 30 years. After a brief immigration mishap, Modi arrives with a singular mandate — to give a renewed impetus to U.S.-India relations. Modi[Read More…]

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GIRA Grant Opens Apps

GIRA Grant Opens Apps

To bolster education and empower students to enact changes in international affairs, the fourth annual Georgetown International Relations Association Global Generations Grant is accepting applications until March 15. GIRA, founded in 1969, maintains a working relationship with the International Relations Club on campus, and is an 501(c) nonprofit that aims[Read More…]

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Military Tactics Need Scrutiny

Military Tactics Need Scrutiny

When Barack Obama entered the 2008 presidential race, Americans had lost faith in their government’s ability to reflect the ideals that had made the nation strong for over two centuries. Nowhere was this more evident than in the way the government conducted itself in its War on Terror. Slowly but[Read More…]

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Karzai Discusses Afghan-U.S. Relations

More than 10 years after his first lecture in the United States, held in the same location, Afghan President Hamid Karzai visited Georgetown this evening to talk about the future of Afghanistan’s relationship with the United States. In his talk, “Afghanistan Beyond 2014: A Perspective on Afghan–U.S. Relations”, held in Gaston Hall,Karzai acknowledged that expectations[Read More…]

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MSFS, BSFS Ranked High Among IR Programs

The Masters in Foreign Service program was recently ranked the best masters program for students interested in international relations for the third year in a row. The School of Foreign Service beat out several prestigious programs for the number one ranking, including those at Johns Hopkins, Harvard and Princeton, which[Read More…]

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Sanctions Hit IRC After Email Snafu

*Updated 4:46 p.m. Nov. 8* When International Relations Club leadership sent an email to its members list on Oct. 18 to market an upcoming event, it didn’t expect a swift reprisal by the Student Activities Commission. The IRC was notified two days after the Oct. 23 event, “International Night Out,”[Read More…]

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American-Israeli Relationship Crucial to Peace Negotiations

The Middle East peace process has taken a variety of turns over the past two months. Americans have watched with cautious optimism as the negotiations have ebbed and flowed. Though progress this year now appears elusive, Americans should refrain from turning their backs on peace or disengaging from the Middle[Read More…]

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Saudis Aim for Arms Power Play

Sixty billion dollars, 75,000 JOBS, over 250 new aircraft; added up, it’s the largest foreign arms sale in history. Only a state such as Saudi Arabia could afford the massive price tag. But what is the reason for the Saudi purchase? The answer and the reason why Congress will almost[Read More…]

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