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URTZ: Learning From Jordanian Hospitality

URTZ: Learning From Jordanian Hospitality

When I lost my credit card in a crowded market last month, I initially felt panic. I frantically shuffled from vendor to vendor, retracing my steps to ask if anyone had seen it. Nobody had. Yet, as I moved up and down the line of stalls, the crowd trailing behind[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: In Defense of Birthright Citizenship

When I first read about President Donald Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship by executive order, the potential consequences for my younger siblings and myself flooded my thoughts. This action would eliminate the right to citizenship for U.S.-born children of noncitizens and would eventually affect millions of children just like[Read More…]

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Poet Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

The Literary World Discriminates Against Undocumented Immigrant Writers, Poets Say

Undocumented immigrant poets face obstacles in the literary world because of their immigration status, poet Marcelo Hernandez Castillo and assistant professor of creative writing at Oklahoma State University Janine Joseph, both undocumented immigrants, said at an event Oct. 16 in Copley Formal Lounge. Castillo and Joseph lead the national Undocupoets[Read More…]

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GONZALEZ: A Lesson in Engaging With Others

Whether you are beginning your first year at Georgetown University or your last, welcome to the Hilltop for another academic year! On my Georgetown journey, I have come to better understand my salient identities and how I can advocate for myself and my community. Over the last two years, I[Read More…]

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FLORES: Collaboration, Not Division, Needed on Immigration

As a candidate, Donald Trump disparaged Mexican and Central American immigrants by saying they are bringing drugs and crime to the United States. Trump also pledged the swift removal of immigrants without documentation living in the United States and the construction of a wall along America’s southern border. During his[Read More…]

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GUERRERO: Kirstjen Nielsen Went to Georgetown. That Doesn’t Make Her a Hoya

Georgetown University prides itself on providing a “world-class learning experience … [where] students are challenged to engage in the world and become men and women in the service of others, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community.” The School of Foreign Service proudly proclaims itself a “program[Read More…]

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PERALTA: Hopes of an Incoming Hoya

I never imagined I would one day have the opportunity to attend my dream college. My parents migrated to a small border town in southern Arizona from northern Mexico in the late 1990s, when they were fortunately granted a visa. Like other immigrants, they left behind their previous life as[Read More…]

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DILLON: American Dreamin’

DILLON: American Dreamin’

Earlier this week, I awoke from a vivid nightmare. I dreamt that my daughter had been forcibly taken by the police and incarcerated. Her crime was her failure to produce adequate documentation of her legal presence in this country; like most Americans, she doesn’t regularly carry her proof of citizenship.[Read More…]

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Newark Archbishop Advocates Role of Church in Immigration Debate

Giving a face to immigrants without documentation is essential to advocating for their rights, Cardinal Joseph Tobin said during a visit to Georgetown University on Monday. Tobin, the archbishop of Newark, N.J., John Carr, director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown, Mizraim Belman Guerrero[Read More…]

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GONZALEZ PORRAS: Standing for My Own Humanity

As I entered the Longworth House Office Building, my heart was pounding. I was going to be in the presence of 435 Congressmen, 100 Senators and the president of the United States — and they would all know that I was undocumented. What if this was my last day in[Read More…]

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