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Bidding the Hilltop Farewell

To the Editor: It was strange to read the article about my departure from Georgetown for Notre Dame (The Hoya,A1, “Deneen to Leave GU at Semester’s End,” Jan. 24). I recognized some of my words, yet I did not recognize myself in them. I hope I will be allowed a few more[Read More…]

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Indian Ambassador Addresses South Asian Identity

Indian Ambassador Addresses South Asian Identity

Nirupama Rao, the Indian Ambassador to the United States, expressed her hope that India can play a role as both a world superpower and a builder of the South Asian identity in her address Tuesday. During the talk in Gaston Hall, sponsored by the Office of the President, Rao spoke[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Who We Are, Not What We Are

How do you respond to someone who asks, “What are you?” Clearly, there’s no right answer to such a weighty inquisition; yet, when I was asked this very question at the age of eight — by a classmate, no less — I felt compelled to answer, “human.” My peer was[Read More…]

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GU’s Catholic Identity in Flux

Forty-one years after stepping down as president of Georgetown University, Fr. Gerard Campbell, S.J. still lives in the Jesuit community here, in a spacious third-floor room in Wolfington Hall. At 91, he’s much older now than he was when he led the university from 1965 to 1969, but although he wears a hearing[Read More…]

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Memories from Championship Days

Like so many wannabe politicos, I enrolled at Georgetown determined to study government, volunteer for national political efforts and make good “connections.” Four years later I left Georgetown having learned from a broad spectrum of the humanities departments, spent most of my energy focused on campus, and made some truly[Read More…]

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