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SMITH: My Race Does Not Label Me

SMITH: My Race Does Not Label Me

Violin in one hand, a container of white rice in the other and a math club hat slightly askew, I was ready. I walked out into the pouring rain, ready to take on the day. The night before, I remember brainstorming with my friends about what we were going to[Read More…]

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SMITH: Noise

SMITH: Noise

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? My restless analysis of this question began with a haircut. Over the summer, I cut off 12 inches of my hair. With each inch of hair removed, a year of[Read More…]

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I’m home. I’m home, and although that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal, I can assure you, it is. It’s been almost seven months since the last time I landed in Florida. Seven months since I’ve seen either of my parents’ faces, seven months since I pet[Read More…]

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Own It Summit 2015

Own It Summit 2015

Own It Summit Speaker Interviews Catch The Hoya’s exclusive interviews with some of the Own It speakers, including Danielle Brooks and Megan Smith. Own It Summit: Imagination Interview Actress in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black Danielle Brooks spoke in the Imagination Interview at the OWN It[Read More…]

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The Power of Doing You for You

Nearly three-quarters of the way through my freshman year, I find myself at a personal standstill.  It’s almost dreamlike: I can see life moving around me — it’s alarming how quickly it’s all going on — while I stand there, motionless, unable to keep up. By some standards, I’m still[Read More…]

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The View From the Stage

The View From the Stage

  I remember my kindergarten production of “The Little Mermaid” very clearly. In the second that I wobbled dangerously from side to side, I saw several things at once. The crowd of small children, my classmates with eyes widening in terror to the side of me, the pitcher of water[Read More…]

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When You Get Into College (Again)

“It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has voted to accept your application for transfer admission to Georgetown University.” Admittedly, this was a sentence I never thought I’d hear. After nearly three years, two applications, six essays, four letters of recommendation, two interviews, three[Read More…]

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College is a Temporal Beast We Can Conquer

When I chose to come to Georgetown, I knew full well that I was leaving behind everyone I had known from high school, which was even a swaying factor in my decision. It was going to be a fresh start no expectations, no presuppositions, just me as I am. We live[Read More…]

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Criticism Prompts Reflection

My last piece in this column, “Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name” caused a bit of a stir. While I knew the topic might be seen as controversial, I never expected the response that I got. Some felt offended by the piece and interpreted my words as “condemning” all[Read More…]

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Why I Won’t Ever Change My Last Name

At a very young age, before I had even heard of words like “feminism,” I had already decided that if I were to ever get married, I wouldn’t take my husband’s last name. My family, being the southern traditionalists that they are, at first found my remarks to be cute,[Read More…]

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