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BROTHERS: Why Muslim Americans Cannot Buy Into Identity Politics

One month ago, the worst mass shooting in the United States took the lives of 49 innocent people. I still recall my initial reaction — I hoped the shooter was not somehow connected to Islam, which is often my first thought whenever I see a headline with a phrase like[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Sometimes We Do Not Choose Our Labels

Some time ago, I read the words of Sayed Kashua, a Muslim journalist from Haaretz, who wrote after the attacks in Paris: “My first thought was: How the blazes do I cancel my labeling as a Muslim? How can I dump every definition that’s liable to connect me with those[Read More…]

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Self-Care As An Act Of Resistance

Almost half my time at Georgetown has been a time of deep, resounding depression. Sophomore and junior year were some of my worst and best times at Georgetown. I have enjoyed this place, but I had given so much to people that I did not leave much for myself. An[Read More…]

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STONE: Cultures Are Not Our Toys

STONE: Cultures Are Not Our Toys

I was asked, “How do I explain to white people that it’s wrong to treat East-Asian religions as fads?” They explained that there are people who want to “become” Taoist, Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu but without any of the relevant social context or history. Two of the inquirer’s friends have[Read More…]

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A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

A Love Letter to Us: The Queer Community

This is my love letter. But it isn’t to one person. It is to a community — a community that has taught me how to love and be loved, that embraces me even when I don’t embrace myself, that is profoundly compassionate and inclusive in nature. This is my love[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Healy’s Inner Turmoil, Our Current Conflict

QUALLEN: Healy’s Inner Turmoil, Our Current Conflict

Last week, President DeGioia accepted a recommendation to scrub the names Mulledy and McSherry from university buildings. The names Freedom and Remembrance took their places. Mulledy and McSherry symbolized what was most odious about Georgetown and the Maryland Jesuits’ history — the conclusion of a century of contest and deliberation[Read More…]

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Finding My Place in Red Square

I remember reading about the events at The University of Missouri a few days ago. I knew they had made national news, but the issues did not pique my interest until the waves made in Missouri began to leak onto the Georgetown campus. It was around 2:30 a.m. and I[Read More…]

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Finding Out Who You Are

Finding Out Who You Are

Do you know who you really are? Circle one of the following answers. I’ll tell you what it means when you’re done. I am… An extrovert. An introvert. I make judgments by… Thinking through rational choices. Judging how I feel about them/my gut response. I am… A dog person. A[Read More…]

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The Catholic Vision of Sexuality

As a recent alumnus who “feels that Georgetown must change to include more church teaching,” I very much appreciated Lexi Dever’s viewpoint (“The Georgetown That Saved Me,” Oct. 30, 2015, The Hoya). I am glad that Dever has found a home on the Hilltop; Georgetown is in need of a[Read More…]

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Reconcile Speech, Values

In a summer interview with The Hoya, serialized these past two weeks, former University President Fr. Leo O’Donovan, S.J., upheld the importance of Catholic belief and free speech on campus. O’Donovan explained that while he thought the Second Vatican Council was correct in speaking of abortion as something intrinsically wrong,[Read More…]

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