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VIEWPOINT: Taking Pride in Our Stories

On the first day of sixth grade, my father warned me not to get too attached or comfortable, as we would probably not be living in this school district by the end of the year. After an expensive, drawn-out divorce involving encounters with the police and my father losing his[Read More…]

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HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

As a senior, I have had the true fortune of living with the same people for almost all of my time at Georgetown. I often consider my roommates to be family, especially because my biological family live on the opposite side of the country in Oregon. Undoubtedly, my friends have[Read More…]

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KARNA: Appreciating Family First

KARNA: Appreciating Family First

They say you cannot choose family, but given the choice, I would choose mine. My family is a bit like a cast of characters. The five of us, plus our two dogs, could be filmed on location in our Dallas home for a classic American sitcom. It would probably do[Read More…]

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KARNA: Deconstruct Hidden Privilege

KARNA: Deconstruct Hidden Privilege

“Hey. I’ll pay you $2 if you can play at least one song by a black person,” my friend said to me during our shift last week, where I manage and control the auxiliary cord. I take music very seriously and curate my playlists with meticulous attention to detail and[Read More…]

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KARNA: Identity Beyond Locality

KARNA: Identity Beyond Locality

How do you answer the question, “Where are you from?” It is a question that pervades our daily lives and one we are expected to readily answer. We plaster that answer on our New Student Orientation nametags, deploy it as the next piece of information we share after our name,[Read More…]

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BILLINGSLEA: Embracing Engagement Spurs Growth

BILLINGSLEA: Embracing Engagement Spurs Growth

“Hey, did you watch ‘House of Cards’ last night?” or “What did you think about the class discussion on gender inequality?” Just like that, you engaged someone else. It does not matter the topic — the purpose is to get the conversation started. When I interact with my advisees, conversations[Read More…]

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Courtesy Nomadic Theater

After Amnesia, the Search for Identity

The word “identity” is often used as a buzzword in the context of contemporary debates about race, gender and sexual orientation. While “identities” can often be used to bring people together, they can also have the function of tearing people apart. Nomadic Theatre’s most recent production, “Fugue,” directed by Mark[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: When Feminism Divides and Clashes

Feminism to me has always been the idea that women should be able to do as they wish without society being able to coercively dictate what they choose to do – or not do, for that matter. But the feminist movement in a lot of ways has failed to maintain[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Why Muslim Americans Cannot Buy Into Identity Politics

One month ago, the worst mass shooting in the United States took the lives of 49 innocent people. I still recall my initial reaction — I hoped the shooter was not somehow connected to Islam, which is often my first thought whenever I see a headline with a phrase like[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Sometimes We Do Not Choose Our Labels

Some time ago, I read the words of Sayed Kashua, a Muslim journalist from Haaretz, who wrote after the attacks in Paris: “My first thought was: How the blazes do I cancel my labeling as a Muslim? How can I dump every definition that’s liable to connect me with those[Read More…]

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